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We have made the KAUR animation totally free and available online, however we are happy to make the KAUR animation available on DVD so you or your children can easily watch on a TV. Great gift for Kids. The cost has been kept to a bare minimum to make it very affordable.  DVD orders are handled by CreateSpace (an Amazon.com company), and will be produced and shipped to most countries around the world.

English audio with subtitles available in: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, हिन्दी, Español, Deutsch, Português, 中文字幕, Suomi, English. Read More

Siri Guru Granth Sahib Translation

Gurmukhi with English translation in 5 volumes

Printing the Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa translation has been long awaited. This translation is used online at sites including SikhNet.com, Sikhitothemax.com, and SGPC.net. Also, If you have seen Gurbani with translation projected on a screen at your Gurdwara; that is the same translation. We have found it to be easy to read and understand. Some old translations use antiquated English words and Judeo-Christian concepts. Does anybody know what a "mumper" is anyways? . Read More

Children's Stories Books and CDs

You'll enjoy our fun filled stories for the whole family.Told in a way that children and understand but packed with messages that are relevant for everyone. Listen by CD or read and draw with the book

Inspirations DVDs

Here at SikhNet, we've had many requests to make the "Inspirations" series of videos on Sikhi available on DVD. Although a lot of work is involved in editing and production, we have finally gone ahead and done the work required to make them available to you. There are currently five volumes (5 DVDs) containing over sixty (60) high-quality videos.

Youth Film Festival DVDs

The young filmmaker's competition for Sikh Youth is designed to encourage and inspire our youth to get involved in media and film and use their creativity to produce interesting and educational pieces designed to spread the spirit of Sikhi. Most people in the world don't know who Sikhs are or what we are all about, so we conceived this event to publicize the experience of Sikhi and Sikh identity and give people insight into our spirit, values and culture.

Gurbani Collection CDs

These Audio CDs are collections of Gurbani recordings from musicians all over the world. The tracks featured on these CDs are the SikhNet staff favorites. Great to meditate with, listen to at work, or just about any other time!

Volume discounts are available if you wish to re-sell or distribute SikhNet products. Contact SikhNet for details.