Aside from donating you can also help SikhNet in many different ways.

We try to let everyone have a voice at SikhNet, but in order to keep SikhNet a neutral place, sometimes it is necessary to edit out negative comments. We have a philosophy of good will. If there are comments that don't serve any good, then we don't need them. We of course need to censor out profanity, vulgarity, slander and personal attacks.

- Discussion forum. We have several moderators for the SikhNet discussion forum. It's nice to have back up support for sevadars who have been doing this seva for years. 
- News comments. Sometimes the comments in the news articles can get very heated. We want to make sure people aren't using the news section to voice unrelated rants. The comments should be related to the news articles they are attached to. 

Please contact us to volunteer.  Thank you!