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Women in uncountable number have immensely contributed and ably supported all through the development and growth of Sikhism and its ever increasing credit ability, not only in India but across the globe. It is thus felt necessary to highlight the contribution of a few women who created a mark in Sikh history. 


6. Bebe Nanki ( 1454-1518) was the elder sister of Baba Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. Nanaki is an important religious figure in Sikhism and is known as the FIRST GURSIKH. (Some writers, have designed Mardana as the first Sikh) She was the first to realise her brother ‘s spiritual eminence. She took all care of Baba Nanak, got him job through her husband at Modikhana of Nawab of Sultanpur,  helped his newlywed wife Sulakhani to get settled, raised their children (Sri Chand and Laxmi Das) and also inspired Nanak in using music talent by using Rabab.


7. Mata Nanaki Ji wife of 6th Guru Hargobind and mother of 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur was witness to the severed head of her Martyr son Guru Tegh Bahadur and accepted as a ‘WILL’ of GOD. She continues to serve the community with courage and devotion till the last.


8. Mata Sundri Ji wife of Guru Gobind Singh. She after the demise of her husband Guru Gobind Singh helped to provide leadership and maintain the sanctity of Guru Granth Sahib and Harmandir Sahib. She deputed Bhai Mani Singh (1720) to take control of Harmandir Sahib, the condition of which was deteriorating owing to infighting between different fractions of the community. Mata Sundari Ji also commissioned Bhai Mani Singh to compile a Volume of Dasam Granth.


9. Mata Bhani Ji was wife of Guru Ram Das and mother of Guru Arjun Dev. She was an inspiration during the formative period of Sikh history and symbolism, responsibility, humility and fortitude.

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