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ART OF PUNJAB - Slough, UK Exhibition on Nov 4th.



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Join artist Kanwar Singh for the Grand Opening of the exciting new Art of Punjab Gallery showcasing a complete collection of his iconic Sikh history paintings, presented on an unprecedented scale. This permanent Gallery, a joint effort between the artist and Slough's Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara, will open its doors as we celebrate Guru Nanak Dev ji's Gurpurab on Nov 4th . The highlight of this event will be the unveiling of an exciting new collection of paintings by Kanwar Singh, created exclusively for the launch.

The Gallery is dedicated to illustrating the grand narrative of the Sikh faith and its development through the pivotal historical events lived by our ten Gurus and revered Sikh heroes. The volunteers at Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara also envisioned the project as a community youth art initiative and over one hundred local young budding artists will seek inspiration and try their hand at portraying history through the arts. Kanwar Singh will be in attendance for the duration of the event and speaking about his ten year journey as an artist focused solely on the Sikh story. Click here for event details and registration.

"My goal from the very start was to envision and spread awareness of this great Sikh historical narrative which offers each of us so much inspiration in our daily lives. I am so grateful to the volunteers at the Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara for elevating a decades worth of my creative outpouring to the kind of platform I always envisioned. These paintings are meant to be viewed as a timeline of Sikh history and viewed on a grand scale, where the long hours dedicated to recreating fine details in each piece can be fully appreciated." - Kanwar Singh

Painting (104K)The only piece of the new collection to be revealed prior to the event is his new painting, "Mittar Pyare Nu," inspired by the shabad from which it takes its name. It tells the story of when Guru Gobind Singh ji was alone in the Machhivara jungle after the long and fierce battle of Chamkaur. With this prayer, the Guru tells the listener of the need for constant reflection upon the supreme reality of Waheguru which, for the soul, far surpasses the necessity of worldly comforts. The painting expresses that with the shabad on his lips, his being is lifted far from this transient world of struggle and sorrow, his mind attuned to an eternal reality beyond space and time. He rests, not upon a rock, but in the comforting arms of the eternal, Waheguru.

To achieve this effect, the artist Kanwar Singh, departs from his style of direct representations to show a deeper level of seeing; one that connects to the energy and psyche of the moment. It looks as though Guru Ji might be asleep with his eyes closed and his body in a state of deep repose, but all around him we see that the world is alive with flowing energy, with the play of light and shadow, trees moving in the wind and a storm moving by. The storm of battle is passing and the clouds are clearing. In this moment of rest and repose, Guru Ji is fully aware of and completely connected to his surroundings, and the viewer is transported into the swirling motion of nature, while at the "eye of the hurricane" the Master lies, in the deep peace that passes all understanding - the shunia - the God moment.

Event Itinerary:
2:00pm - Exhibition Opening
2:30-5pm - Children's Art Activities & Workshops
3:00pm - Talk by the Artist, Kanwar Singh (artofpunjab)

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