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Global Outreach

Aiming to inspire tolerance and acceptance on a global level, Sarah Buckmaster began interviewing folk with a wide variety of outlooks on life, for her podcast series How to be Good?  in November of 2020 and continued the process until January 2022.

Sarah created this 23-part international, interfaith, podcast series during the world-wide pandemic lockdown hoping to help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness while encouraging greater understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs.


Interfaith Diversity

Among those interviewed by Sarah  on  her podcast chats were a Moral Philosopher, a Daoist Monk, an Atheist, a Sikh, a Humanist Celebrant, an Ojibway Woman, a Catholic Sister, a Hindu Pandit, a Muslim Iman, a Pagan Druid, a Christian Bishop, a Buddhist Abbot and a Jewish Rabbi. 


Simran Singh of Sikhnet

The November 1, 2021 podcast titled A Chat with a Sikh featured Simran Singh, who shared his views on the fundamental beliefs of Sikhism, stressing the strategy of self-love coupled with forgiveness to successfully navigate life.

 Sarah invited Simran Singh, to offer his opinion, as a person following the Sikh faith all of his life, on “How to Be Good?” in accordance with Sikh principles, and also asked about his personal experience as a Sikh man, who is a Human Rights enthusiast.   


People’s Choice Podcast

Sarah Buckmaster’s podcast on diversity, which explores various perspectives on what it means to be good to ourselves, while being good to others, became a finalist in the 2021 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. You can catch the entire podcast here


Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa

Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa

Sukhmandir has written hundreds of articles on topics related to Sikhism and has co-written and and edited several books on the Gurmat teachings and Naam Simran meditation. 

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