We Invite You to Join the SikhNet Team!

The new SikhNet will be unveiled soon....

The new SikhNet will be unveiled soon. Now is the time we are looking for 10 excellent writers, photographers, videographers, poets and bloggers to share, inspire, elevate others by becoming a SikhNet Seva Champion. Want to become a featured contributor to SikhNet? Let's hear from you!

Here’s how to answer the call. Fill out an application HERE
We’ll write back to you soon.

We will be creating new author pages for all contributors and not only will you get exposure for your work and be featured personally as a SikhNet author (SikhNet reaches hundreds of thousands of unique individuals every month) but you will be doing a service for the Panth.

The world is going through a difficult transition and the tools Guru Ji gave us to make this transition are needed now more than ever.

You may not think of yourself as a good enough writer, poet, videographer or photographer but each of us has our own area of experience and we all are learners. I invite you to share your personal stories and what you have learned so that others may benefit from your experience. Whether you are struggling with the big questions, e.g., "who am I" or "why am I here and what is my work and my legacy?" or you simply want to share tips for healthy living, marital happiness or child rearing, there's a place for you on the SikhNet Team as a featured content contributor.

Make Videos for SikhNet

Remember that SikhNet is non-judgemental and not political. It exists in the spirit of helping, serving, inspiring and connecting people wherever they may be on their own spiritual journey and in their own relationship with the Guru.

You can view our editorial policy here and we will have tool kits and training webinars for those of you who would like to become part of our SikhNet team.

Don’t worry about being skilled or polished. Our team of editors will go over your work and make you look good. It’s more important to speak out and share than it is to have great writing, spelling or grammar skills.

Blog for SikhNet

Our content is being reorganized into five categories. Take a look and see if one of these areas calls out to you, then answer the call:
  1. The Pulse of the Panth -  Perspectives - Interviews, observations and insights.Arts & Entertainment, Community Events, Interfaith, The Environment - Reporting from your local community.
  2. Spirituality - The Sacredness of Gurbani - how Gurbani has changed you or created sacredness in your life. Living our Sikhi in the Modern World - survival under the pressure of the 21st century.  Simran and Meditation. Spiritual Living in general - insights and observations on life.
  3. Identity - Sikh Identity, Celebrations, History and Heritage. Notable Sikhs. Shaabash. Outreach and Seva in your community. Sikhi Worldwide. Sikh Warrior Saint consciousness
  4. Wellness - Body, Mind and Soul. Health and diet. Family & Relationships - marriage and children
  5. Life - Singhs. Kaurs. Children. Teens and tweens.  Youth. Education & Career

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