Virasan - The Worshipping Warriors Seat

Virasan is the warriors meditation position bestows one with "viras" interpreted by some as a special energy f...

Virasan - The Worshipping
Warriors Seat

March 04, 2014: Virasan is the meditation position Guru Gobind Singh most often sat in. Amrit is created sitting in Virasan. Let us prayerfully Jap our Banis in Virasan like the Amrit creator.

Virasan is the warriors meditation position bestows one with "viras" interpreted by some as a special energy full of courage to go through any obstacle. Viras according to the Hindi/Sanskrit dictionary translates as "Heritage of liberation ".

Virasan is the seat of victory !

How to Sit in Virasan

Sit on your left heel with the right knee bent up , place the right foot inline with the left knee.

The left heel presses on the perineum between the sit bones, in front of the anus and behind the sex organs.

Do your best to sit up straight like a royal open heated brave warrior and not to slouch. Keep your chin up and parallel to the earth. It's impossible to be down in the dumps holding your head up high, keeping your chin up and your heart always open.

Like a pipe it is helpful if the spine is straight so that spinal fluid and energy can travel up the spine and circulate up through the liberating tenth door.


The are many traditional hand placements. Here are some :

* For Amrit preparation the hands are holding the Sarbloh Amrit Bata.

* Hands together in a prayer position in the middle of the chest in a gesture of deep loving prayer.

* For reading in Virasan like a warrior without a book stand in their saddle bag some people rest their elbows by their rib cadge. Keep the lower arms and hands in a straight line at a 60 degree angle ( Straight on the floor being 0 degrees and straight up being 90 degrees ). Rest your Guttka Sahib gently in your hands. This is a perfect angle for reading down through the eyes past the tip of the nose which steadies the mind.

Reading Tips :

Our Guru truly is living and lives in each word. Be careful how, if and where you touch The word.. Deeply clean devotees use a cotton cloth to move their Guru.

Virasan is written in yogic texts to naturally focus the mind, open the heart, improve circulation which cleans the blood of diseases and conquers laziness and depression.

It improves digestion and elimination. Sitting with the right knee up ignites a sunny digestive fire (an appetite to waltz through life's wars). The right side is known as the upwards and projecting side . It the side in which a drawn sword is most often held.

The left shin down corresponds to the opening and relaxing into Mother Earth side . The left side down also corresponds cooling lunar eliminating descending colon which is relaxing.

Sat Siri Akal

Editor's note: It is known that the Samurai warriors also preferred to sit in virasan as it is a sitting position ideal for meditating as well as a ready position for lunging into action. 

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