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[Video] ~ Manika Kaur - Kirtan for Causes - "Aval Allah"

The first single from Manika Kaur's upcoming new album "Sacred Words"

Manika Kaur is an international kirtan artist and philanthropist. 
Below is an exerpt from our previous interview with her: Manika Kaur - Kirtan Artist Interviewed

Kirtan for Causes is a non-profit organisation. We aim to create beautiful devotional music that creates an atmosphere of peace for the listener whilst serving humanity and uplifting communities through educating impoverished children, building homes and working to understand and meet the needs of communities living in poverty in Punjab.

Kirtan for Causes uplifts impoverished communities via education and construction projects the organisation seeks to break cycles of poverty and advocates for long-term solutions. Kirtan is the vehicle I use to raise awareness of the vital seva that is needed in Punjab and how education can transform lives.

One hundred per cent of the revenue from my music career is directly channelled into the work of 'Kirtan for Causes'. We currently support 200 children through education and have built two homes for disadvantaged families enrolled in the scheme. I travel to the Punjab every year to visit the 'Kirtan for Causes' families and develop strategies with them for the next year's work.

'Kirtan for Causes' partners with 'Educate to Save' (www.educatetosave.com ) to achieve our shared charitable mission. Together we focus on providing cost effective, quality holistic schooling that integrates and provides a modern educational infrastructure. 'Kirtan for Causes' works independently of any individual, political of institutional influence.

Recently Manika has released her most recent creation: An album called "Sacred Waters". Here is a beautiful video from one of the shabds from the album:  

Manika Kaur
Published on Apr 19, 2018

Aval Allah is the first single from Manika Kaur's upcoming new album "Sacred Words" on Suriya Recordings.


Manika Kaur: Melodies and All Lead and Backing Vocals
TigerStyle (Music Composer, Back vocals Bass, Strings)
Gurdain Rayatt (Tabla)
Francesca Ter-Berg (Cello)
James Yorkston (Guitar, Dulcimer)
Rhai Parker and Jamie Doe (Backing Vocals)
Produced by TigerStyle and Oskar Vizan
Mixed by Oskar Vizan

Executive Producer: Vinod Gadher (United Sound Entertainment)
Studio Engineer & Mix Assistants: Matias Duarte & Luke Fitzpatrick
Mastering: Mandy Parnell & Martin Korth @ Black Saloon Studios
Mixed at Strongroom Studio
Artwork for Aval Allah Single: Artful Skecha


All proceeds from my kirtan is used to educate impoverished children in Punjab.

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