Vaisakhi Celebration in Washington State

Sikhs celebrated Vaisakhi with the annual Khalsa Day Parade at the Showare Center in Kent, WA.

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On May 21st, the Sikhs celebrated Vaisakhi with the annual Khalsa Day Parade at the Showare Center in Kent, WA. It was mainly organized by Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington, Renton with other Gurudwaras and Khalsa Schools and other organizations participating. The gatka (martial arts of the Sikhs) is a big attraction. Lot of Americans like to try the turbans too. Sikhs wear their best colors to participate in the Nagar Kirtan.

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Sikh population has grown in Washington State for the last few years. It is close to Canada in the north and California in the south. At one time there were very few families who lived in Seattle. Today there are grocery stores, restaurants, cloth merchants, jewelry stores, which reminds you of Surrey when it was growing a few years back. With US and Canada currency being almost the same I hardly visit Canada anymore. You can get anything in Seattle. These stores were common sight doing sewa. There is A-Pizza Mart offering not only American kind pizzas, but spinach and paneer with dhania pizza. We have our own Indian dentists. Dr. Harchand Singh, DDS. We have our own accountants; Mohinder Singh Sohal and VP Accounts in Kent, WA. We have our own Indian markets: KK Market, etc. These businesses put tents to treat the Sangat with pakoras, samosas, pizza, and Chai.

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Few years back we had featured "Little India in WA." Today it no more "Little India." There are strip malls, shopping centers, restaurants, wedding halls, dedicated to the Indian population. If you do not know English; no problem. Just look around and you will see an Indian. Therefore lot of old people feel comfortable living in Seattle these days. Weather is fairly decent. The home prices are not too high (compared to Canada or California). You can easily establish a business in Kent. I bet you: You will be "Sleepless in Seattle" because you will be working very hard.

In the past I have seen some Sikh exhibits. I saw some Americans who came to the celebration. However more Americans should be invited through "Every Door Direct Mail" and advertising through other local newspapers. Some information about Sikh community should be distributed especially because of hate crimes. Also, since it is done sometime in May, it will be good if a specific weekend; like the first Sunday of May be specified for each year. Overall, it is a great community gathering event.

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