Vaisakhi 2016 Global Sahaj Paath

Everyone is invited to once again participate in a global sahaj paath....

~In The Silence We Will Resound Guru Ji's Voice~

As we all know, this past year has been one of upheaval but also of great importance for the Sikh Panth. The events in the Punjab last year have been very intense. 

Those of us who live in the diaspora especially found ourselves feeling a deep concern but without a clear way of directing our energies.Guru ji teaches us that ‘Jhagar kie, Jhagaro hi pava.” “By being aggressive, only more aggression comes.” (Ang 341) 

That is why SikhNet launched a global simultaneous Sahaj Paath. As we said in our last call for participation, we know well that prayers alone will not solve all the problems. But we are here to provide an avenue to experience Guru ji as the guiding light to lift us up, to pray for each other and to pray for the best possible outcome for the Punjab and for the Sikh Panth.

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Global Sahej Paath

Whatever actions we do, forming committees, raising awareness, spreading information, gathering, rallying or inspiring others, it will all be at the guidance of our Guru with the blessing of Guru’s Bani.

So much Sangat was inspired to participate and pray for the Punjab that together we completed six sahaj paaths. The hundreds of participants were from all over the world. This global prayer exercised our ability to unite peacefully as a global body… and it made history.

Since then we have not heard much and the tensions seem to have died down on the surface. Without a flurry of news on the internet, especially in the diaspora, our minds are not as focused on all these important issues. The silence that we are currently experiencing surely will not last because our destiny is greatness and our souls will not be satisfied until it is achieved.

To that silence, we offer our prayer, as a light in the void: 
Guru ji bless us your children, with the strength and the harmony to bring and maintain Your presence in this world. 

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Vaisakhi is the perfect time for us to voice ourselves to the universe. Vaisakhi is when Guru ji calls all his Sikhs together. It is about revolution. Only today's revolution is very complex, global and multi-faceted.

Our task is unique, this is a revolution of the heart. And this is the perfect time for it. 

Everyone is invited to once again participate in a global sahaj paath. Let us pray for our collective harmony and strength.

See below for sign up information. 

By Guru's grace may we complete these Sahaj Paaths with the purest intention

#PrayForPunjab #StrengthAndHarmony #RajKarega

Wahiguru ji ka Khalsa Wahiguru ji ki Fateh 

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If you would like to participate here is what you need to know
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  • Each Sahej Paath will have a deadline by which everyone needs to have completed his or her reading section. If you are unable to complete your section after signing on, please tell us as soon as possible or get a friend to read for you.

  • While reading, please respectfully be showered and clean, cover your head and set your intention with a personal prayer for the purpose of peace.

  • If you do not have the ability to read from a full saroop of Guru ji, there are alternatives (apps, web pages, downloaded files, etc.) so that anyone can participate (provided they are instructed in respectful protocol). 

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