United Shades of America SIKHS in America

Major TV shows dedicated 1 hour episode to Sikhs. See if you agree that this episode did us justice!

"My name is W. Kamau Bell. As a comedian I made a living finding humor in the parts of America I don't understand, and now I'm challenging myself to dig deeper. I'm on a mission to reach out and explore all the cultures and beliefs that add colors to this crazy country. This is the United Shades of America." 

This is a must watch. I find it very charming how the host has the ability to bring out the warmth of humor from this following Sikhs he interviewed: 

-Harpreet Singh (co-founder of Sikh Coalition)

-Dilzafar Singh (Sikh expert) 

-Preet Didbal (Yuba City Mayor)

-Karamdeep Bhains (Bhains family farming empire)

-Rupinder Singh (author)

-Waris Ahluwalia (Actor and icon)

-Valarie Kaur (activist, film maker) 

-Kamal Kalsi (Lt. Col. in U.S. army)

-Rajbir and Tejpal Baniwal (brother and sister martial artists) 

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