These Tears Are Our Badges of Honor

Dear children of the Guru: take pride, these are tears of love, do not hide them from the world....

I feel blessed to have watched the Chaar Sahibzaade film. It touches your heart so deeply. 

Here is one of the very touching scenes from the film. Here the mother of Guru Gobind Singh and grandmother of the princes hears the news that a decision has been made to punish her innocent grandchildren. This is the last meeting the children had with her before boldly facing execution and death. 

This clip below is less than 4 minutes long.   

This is the first time the world had seen Sikh history shown in this fashion, it was the highest production for a Sikh film. These films inspire our creativity about how the history may have actually occurred. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of our heritage. 

The proof of the effectiveness of creating such a high quality Sikh history film is in how popular the reception of the film was. Theaters were booked full internationally and Chaar Sahibzaade made millions in the box office. Many people were deeply touched after watching the film. 

Below you will see children being asked if they liked the film. One girl can only say "Very good" then she starts tearing up. When asked why she is crying she can't answer, she only cries more. Another child also can't speak, his tears are the answer to the question. His mother explains that hearing is one thing, "Until now we have been able to hear the history but when you see it you understand more what happened in those times."

These are not the only children, not to mention many an adult, to have cried from watching this land mark film. Many could not speak and hid themselves from being seen in their tender moment of heart connection with our Guru's history.  

But these tears are not shameful. Your love is not meant to be a secret. Dear children of the Guru: take pride, these are tears of love, do not hide them from the world. If they fall, wear them with pride, like badges of honor.  

There are also many moments in the sequel that are heart touching. I encourage everyone to watch and re-watch these films. 

And if they come, do not hide your tears. 

Below is the trailer of the sequel 'Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur'

This author has only one request in this: I have heard versions of the Sahibzade and of Chamkour, yet the most clear tellings of the history is in Punjabi. Many of us who were not raised in Punjabi families can not understand. Blessed story tellers, you who have the most important information in history, please continue to have compassion. Have compassion on us English speakers, to convey the history in it's utmost glory in a way we can understand and feel. 

Let the whole world know and remember the virtuous children of Guru ji who all gave up their lives in December 1705. 

Wahiguru ji ka Khalsa Wahiguru ji ki Fateh 

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