There is so much talk of God, that we tend to get confused.

Who or what is God?

Even though many claim to be able to define or know God, no one really knows, the nature of the sacred.

The history of religions and spirituality is simply the story of how human beings at different times and in various cultures have struggled to understand and articulate their vague and intuitive sensing of the mysterious realm of the unknown which they call God.

The sacred permeates through every aspect of human experience and every discipline acknowledges its existence. Religion talks about it in religious language, philosophy in philosophical terms, scientists through their discoveries, musicians and artists express it in their creativity and lovers touch the sacred through their intimacy and passion. While their descriptions differ, all seem to acknowledge the sacred and express it in their own way. This is spirituality.

Spirituality is only one, there is only one Creation and many refer to it as God.

As the Guru says, "A river passes through many countries, and each claims it as their own. But there is only one river".

Spirituality is the acceptance and respect for other perspectives and experiences, which only serves to enrich our lives. To honour each boat that sails on the river and to respect each individual who meditates on its shores is to experience the sacred and God.

It is the beauty of Creation that each one possesses the indescribable gift of experiencing the sacred. It will not come by arguing or by indulging in intellectual debates on the nature of God, but to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities. By living our lives with integrity, and respect for all of Creation, we can and will learn that God is not to be seen, known or understood but to be experienced.

We do not have to look for God, for the sacred can be experienced at any place and time. It will occur when we do not submit nor try to dominate but rather live in symbiosis with nature and all of existence, the sacred will simply blossom from within.

When this will happen deep within our hearts we will know, that we have experienced the river we know as God.

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh is an engineer by education, Industrialist by professional experience. I have travelled and  conducted business both India and abroad (34 countries). 

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