Thailand Gurmat Camp

I feel such camps are necessary in which today’s youth can really resonate learning in the relaxed but casually discipli...

Thailand Gurmat Camp

I was invited by Bangkok Singh Sabha to conduct a weekend Gurmat Camp for 16 to 26 year old.

I have written a few articles in English which resonate with western youth and though Thailand is an Asian country but the Thai youth’s standard of education, intelligence & living is equal to elite young folks in in any Western society. They are widely travelled and many of them graduated in Australia, USA. (Language used in camp is English, all speak English and understand better than Punjabi with diaspora, which is going to be a practice I foresee happening in many countries.)

Mr. Serjit Singh of Malaysia, who has been conducting camps for decades was also conducting alternating sessions, his strength is to play inventive games witch campers loved and then relate to a fundamentals of Gurbani. He is very skilled at it and loved much for his activities. It will be difficult to include full details here.

Theme Topic was chosen by the management and given to us: The topic was based on my article Past Gone worry about Future, Don’t collect Dust. Past Gone, Worry About Future, Don't Collect Dust | SikhNet (Past Gone, Worry About Future, Don't Collect Dust. June 23, 2015 by Jasbir Singh, Architect. Listening to a 'shalok' by Farid ji in gurudwara during my last visit.

Today’s Diaspora youth is struggling to understand the need of simple useful/ practical basics like waking up early even before sunrise and understand it is beneficial to their health and good for time management, Value of Mool mantra which is to make their mind strong and run their day smooth with the message…

Therefore, I planned a program in which you understand basics through PPT, videos to back up with facts and elaborate through conversation. The lectures are held like in a class room like setting.

Youth came up with a list of things they wanted to leave behind such as procrastination, sleeping late habit and fill that gap with positive attitude practices and processes to improve by reflection, self evaluation and improving such small habits as waking up early, learning Mool Mantra, Short prayer to increase their confidence or reduce loneliness etc.…Tu hai mera pita tu hai mera mata, tu hai mera bandap.. and feel the presence of unseen...

Guru Granth teaches us 5 things to give up, how bad they can get today and disturb our life’s balance was touched upon indivisually. Anger, Attachment, greed, pride and lust.

Guru wants us to learn & keep 5 things Truth/ Sat, Contentment/ Santokh, Compassion/ Daya, Humility/ Namtata and Love/ Pyar - which cause Happiness in our lives.

Happiness which all of us want.

I feel such camps are necessary in which today’s youth can really resonate learning in the relaxed but casually disciplined environment and using linear method they can jump start on their way to faith with their self reflection, motivation, clear understanding and coaching, youth need to be provided exposure.

Guru Granth says “hasandya , khaidanthya, jeewan howe mukat…" in contrary to every one today’s perception that Sikhi is a difficult religion. When Sikhi is Simplified way of life for our happy living.

game1 (314K)
game2 (350K)
game3 (514K)
game4 (561K)

Finally, not one camper goes unhappy rather leaves with spirit to learn and wishes for next similar opportunity shortly.

One weekend’s effort is the key to attract youth to Guru & Gurdwara. This is not a difficult program to be executed. Hope many gurudwara managements would like to initiate such a programs more than once a year.

For details send email to [email protected]

Jasbir Singh, Architect

Jasbir Singh

My interest is in learning-following instructions in SGG for living a happy life and share the same passionately with youth.

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