"Daily Mind Hacks" YouTube Channel by Sikh Educator Helps Youth Succeed at Work

Jasbir’s efforts are already making an impact.

As Jasbir wrapped up a three-day Sikh Leadership Camp in Melbourne in August 2019, some participants asked if he could help keep their learnings alive by sharing videos of himself recapping his teachings at camp. Three months later, Daily Mind Hacks was born – a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to supporting young career starters be the best versions of themselves at the workplace.


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Jasbir Singh, a leader at the National University of Singapore careers office, co-founded the channel to provide new professionals with an easy way to learn critical workplace soft-skills and personal leadership skills. Previously, such emotional-intelligence programs were reserved for students from top universities with well-funded career centres.

“We started this channel to change that,” says Jasbir.

“There is a skills deficit in the workforce in Asia,” says Jasbir Singh. “Graduates are entering the workforce with good grades and technical skills, but when it comes to the softer skills like building strong relationships, staying productive and motivated or speaking up at meetings, many feel stuck. Furthermore, employers are reporting that promotions and leadership opportunities don’t simply go to the smartest ones in the room. They land on the laps of young professionals who demonstrate the emotional intelligence to work well with others, communicate effectively and stay resilient in challenging times.”


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Jasbir’s efforts are already making an impact. Mr Raghavan Agasthya a masters student recently landed a job and wrote a thank you note to Jasbir on LinkedIn. “The visualization video I watched on your channel helped me to be mentally prepared. I was able to go into the interview calm and confident as a result of the tips I learnt.”


Moreover, Jasbir sees this effort to conform nicely to his Sikh values of doing sewa and constantly learning. “Sharing these videos is not just a chance for me to do sewa and help others in their careers,” Jasbir says, “it’s also a chance for me to experiment with this new approach to teaching so that I continuously learn and stay current as an educator in this digital age.” It’s worth noting that the video thumbnails, match Jasbir’s turbans perfectly.


Since the first video went online in November 2019, the channel now has nine videos teaching young professionals useful mind hacks to succeed at the workplace. New videos with new skills are released every two weeks.


Those who are at the beginning of their career and looking to realise their full potential should visit Daily Mind Hacks on YouTube.

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