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The Surfing Lesson by Bhajneet Singh is a story about a family who loves the ocean and playing in nature's waves. Thrilled for their first surfing lesson, a young family head to the beach, but discover that it’s been badly polluted! The family learns an important lesson in advocating for the environment, and how each person can make a difference. 

Bhajneet Singh wrote this empowering story with his own family in mind. A turbaned Sikh and avid surfer, Bhajneet’s love for the ocean and nature is captured in the verses of this beautiful book and its stunning illustrations. He hopes that future generations will be able to enjoy the bounty and beauty of the Earth, and that this story will inspire kids to protect it. This book is available through Brave Lion Books as well as Amazon.

"This is a great story filled with joy, activism, and family bonding through shared experiences." Simranjeet Singh, author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going

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Bhajneet Singh is a Sikh community activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor and creative writer. He is the founder of Brave Lion Books, a publishing company with the mission to increase representation of Sikhs in children’s literature as well as encourage Sikh authors to write and publish their stories. The Surfing Lesson is Bhajneet’s fourth children’s book.

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