When Palestine land was taken by Israel
And did not stop at that for a while.
They expanded further to occupy more.
Pushing the defence less out of their door.
Pushed to the wall Gazan joined en mass.
They created a fighter team of Hamas.
They surprised Israel when busy to celebrate.
They could not react and it was too late.
Thousand dead and 350 made captive.
Shocked Israel then soon became active.
Pledged to destroy the Hamas from the root.
Planned to change the map through shoot.
We will destroy them all they decide.
Will change Gaza shape when our tanks ride.
Ten thousand Bombs flattened multistoried.
Women and children underneath were buried.
No water, fuel, food or to communicate.
UNO says to save them children is too late.
Hospitals and refugee camps all they raid.
World over cries were for the human aid,
Twelve thousand or so are killed so far.
Considered Hamas trenches and hospitals at par.
They did not bother for the Hamas men.
Fifty percent of them are children and women.
As Israeli tanks advance and shoot.
To destroy them all and to finish Hamas root.

None of them cared for values humane.
Both of them are barbarous and insane.
May God made them realize their fault.
On their wounds this war will put salt.
Being sworn enemies will they get peace ever?
Fear from their minds will go off! Never!
Best is to be at peace and brotherhood.
Realize this from their past they should.
Let others live in a dignified way.
Dialogue is the answer our elders say.
Stop this war and discuss out on table. 
Enemy can be best friend, so goes a fable.

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