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Not knowing where God did reside.
Whether he is inside or outside.
I read scriptures and a commentary.
I meditated on Knowledge elementary.
But could not find God inside me.
I was astonished where could He be.
Heard cuckoo singing sweet coo hu cu
Melodious sound pure and true.
As if God's voice entered in me.
God is not so far I could see.
I entered the park; found roses smell
Found God’s existence in nature as well.
Walked to the fields, found dancing crop
To enjoy the cool breeze, I did stop
So pleasant to cheeks, its touch like balm
God sent this breeze to enjoy real calm
I walked home, found destitute at gate.
Soiled clothes and hunger as his fate
I got him in my house and washed with care
Gave new clothes and food to eat and spare.
He in turn Blessed, "God is really in you."
Wow! God is inside me and outside too!
Back in home I helped my wife
In her daily chores to reduce her strife
She cooked with love and without any haste
God was so kind to give me this taste
I thanked her, she blushed, became red
“God in you has woken up”, she said
This is how I found my Real God
It is all true but may look quite odd.
I found him in touch, in sight and smell
In hearing sound; in tasting food as well.
God is everywhere, my dear you try
Answers to all your what, where and why.

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