Sikhs Express Concern and Caution Over American Election Results

"Sikh Americans have worked hard to make this country strong and we will continue to do so....



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Sikhs Express Concern and Caution Over American Election Results

Washington, November 9, 2016: Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education expressed concern in response to Donald Trump's victory in the American elections. He said, "The election results are unbelievable and are unsettling for many. There is a great deal of concern among minorities, and especially among people of color. Donald Trump's rhetoric throughout the campaign has made many racial and religious minorities very nervous and this election outcome has shocked them further."

He added, "Since the horrific events of 9/11, the Sikh community has become the target of hate crimes and some of that can probably be attributed to the influx of unwarranted anti-Muslim rhetoric during this campaign season in the last 15 months. The Sikh community will remain cautious and we hope that the country can put behind this divisive atmosphere."

He declared, "The Clinton campaign certainly missed measuring the success of Donald Trump among the rural white folks and in the 'Rust Belt' states. There are people who are frustrated with the slow recovery of the economy after the meltdown in 2007. The Clinton campaign failed to assuage their feelings of insecurity but overall, the Clinton campaign had an inclusive agenda which was supported by communities from every corner of the country."

Dr. Singh added, "Indian Americans, and especially Sikh Americans, overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. I had actively canvassed in Philadelphia for Hillary among Sikh voters and all were supporters of her. Many second generation Sikh Americans worked actively to get Clinton elected. We felt that Hillary Clinton represented our values. We are sincerely thankful to Secretary Clinton for her service to this great nation."

Dr. Rajwant Singh also expressed, "We feel that Donald Trump's divisive talk have had a negative impact on the cohesion of this nation. America stands more divided today and the results send a signal that Americans are fearful of each other. President-elect Trump must bring the nation and its people together. There is a great deal of healing required and we hope that he will rise to the occasion and pave the way to build a trust in his leadership. During this sensitive time, Mr. Trump must carefully choose his words and rhetoric. America cannot afford to have a sustained divisive atmosphere. America’s youth needs to have a positive outlook so that they can become the future leaders of this great nation. We welcome his call for unity in his acceptance speech."

He added, "Sikh Americans have worked hard to make this country strong and we will continue to do so. We love this country and we want to make sure that America will always remain the land of the free and a nation where all can have opportunity and freedom. We will continue to contribute and play a positive and a constructive role and cooperate with the new leadership. We as a community will pray that America comes together in the coming months and years. May God bless America."


Rajwant Singh  ~ [email protected]

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