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Within the last 6 months a new podcast has graced the cyber-waves: 'Sikh History Series'. It is based off the epic 'Panth Prakash Granth', a revered source of Sikh history. The podcast, narrated by sevadar Maan Singh, explains the origins of the Panth Prakash in its first episodes: it was written during the time of the Sikh empire and answers the inquiries of a British representative on the origins of the Khalsa warriors and the Sikh's right to rule.  

The podcast, which is all English, follows the text of the translated Granth closely without reading word for word. The dramatic music in the back ground certainly adds to the feeling. In other words this is authentic Sikh history delivered to you in simple English. It is a treasure.

In the words of Maan Singh,

"The podcast made by English speaking youth for spreading history directly translated from real Sikh Granths. It's a podcast sharing the great history of the Sikh Gurus, the Guru Khalsa Panth and the Shaheed Singhs and Singhnia who gave their lives for the love of Sikhi and Truth." 

There are already two season that have been created, all listed below. 

This wonderful podcast can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube and InstaGram

Happy (and blessed) listening! 

Episode 1 - Introduction
Episode 2 - Why was Panth Parkash written and who was Rattan Singh Ji Bhangu?
Episode 3 - The Childhood of Bhai Sukha Singh Ji
Episode 4 - The Bravery of Bhai Sukha Singh
Episode 5 - The Decapitation of Massa Rangar
Episode 6 - The Mughal attack on a Child - The Shaheedi of Natha Khera
Episode 7 - The Shaheedi of Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji
Episode 8 - The Shaheedi of Bhai Subheg Singh ji and Bhai Shahbaaz Singh
Episode 9 - The Last Stand - The Shaheedi of Bhai Garja Singh Ji and Bhai Bota Singh Ji
Episode 10 - The Most Battle Hardened and Bravest of them all - The Shaheedi Baba Tara Singh Ji Vaan
Episode 1 - Leaving Sri Anandpur Sahib
Episode 2 - Crossing the Sarsa River
Episode 3 - The Fort of Chamkaur
Episode 4 - Battle Preperations
Episode 5 - The Battle commences
Episode 6 - The Shaheedi of the Elder Sahibzade
Episode 7 - Blessing the Khalsa and leaving Chamkaur
Other Episodes
NOVEMBER 1984 - An account what happened during the dark days of November in

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