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Sikh Couple Dedicate Themselves to Help Southern Cali Homeless With Food Trailer

Davinder Singh is known among his friends as a quick whitted a fun loving capitalist who moved to the U.S....

Davinder Singh is known among his friends as a quick whitted a fun loving capitalist who moved to the U.S. to expand his successful business ventures. Now he is known for a different reason: For dedicating life, along with his wife Hari Simran Kaur Khalsa, to helping the homeless.

Recently the couple, and their charity, made the move to get a food trailer, "We started the project in 2016 and we started by pulling out a table and getting donations and serving whoever came along. We got stopped by a handful of counties that said you are not allowed to serve on public properties so the thought process of a food trailer came about." Davinder said with his signature English midland accent. 

His charity, Duwara Consciousness, was founded a few years ago by the credo of:

'Some people are so poor all they have is money'

Recently they proudly inagurated thier own food truck which can serve the homeless of San Diego California. 

As for the interesting name of the foundation Davinder explains the meaning of 'duwara', "'The gate or the doors to'. And 'consciousness' is we as a society, I believe, we need to be more conscious of one another. It's basically bringing people together again. It's regarless of one's religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political views, social status, gender, mental capabilities and so on and so forth. It's humans serving and helping other humans." 

The prominent Sikh couple plan on continuing to provide for the unfortunate with more ambitious projects in the future including buying vehicle equipped with showers to provide sanitation to homeless. Their ultimate plan is to buy more than 20 acres of land to grow food and provide permenent facilities and create a recovery community and langar to serve all. 
To find out more and to donate go to duwara.org

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