Sakhi – Guru Nanak’s Overnight Stay

Guru Ji’s blessings came in such a disguise, that far from destroying everything this humble being had, he in fact gave ...

 Sakhi – Guru Nanak’s

Overnight Stay

Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his companion, Mardana ji were on their travels, when they came across a humble servant of the lord who had nothing but a little mud hut to live in. Guru Sahib and Bhai Mardhana Ji decided to stay at the hut for the night. This Gursikh was most pleased to be graced with Guru Sahib’s and Mardana’s presence. Though he had little to eat in the house, he prepared what he did have for Guru Ji. Bhai Mardhana Ji felt a little sad, knowing this humble servant had very little and that they were eating out of it.

Guru Sahib knew this and told Bhai Mardhana not to worry, we must live in the will of Waheguru. The Gursikh’s humbleness and love was his everything. Once they had finished their langar, Guru Sahib looked deep in thought, before asking Bhai Mardhana ji to break the little mud plates they had been eating on. Bhai Mardhana Ji looked confused, but led a sat-bachni (truth-spoken) lifestyle and agreed to what Guru Sahib was saying. The Gursikh agreed saying “I’m your humble slave, whatever you wish, you should do”. So Bhai Mardhana Ji proceeded to break the few belongings the Gursikh had.

The following day, Guru Sahib arose and advised the Gursikh that they would need to continue with their travels. The Gursikh could not bear the thought of his Guru leaving his home and asked Guru Ji if he could walk some distance with them, and at least spend a little more time in their presence. Guru Ji agreed, and the humble Gursikh planned to follow them on their journey for a very short while.

Before they left their home, Guru ji, again after some deep thought asked Bhai Mardhana Ji to destroy the little mud hut of the Gursikh, at this point, Bhai Mardhana ji was puzzled and asked Guruji why he should destroy what little this humble servant had. The Gursikh turned to Bhai Mardhana Ji with pleading eyes and said “Please, do as my Guru say’s – whatever hukam they give you, just adhere to it. Nothing here is mine, it is all Guru Ji’s” – his pleading came to use and Bhai Mardhana grudgingly proceeded to destroy the mud hut. Guru Ji, Bhai Mardhana Ji and the Gursikh then continued their journey. As night began to fall Guruji advised Gursikh that he should now be getting back to what little was left of his hut. Guru Ji gave him hukam to do so and blessed the Gursikh for his seva over the course of the night.

As the Gursikh returned to the place where his home used to be, he saw what he considered the blessing of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  As he circled what used to be his home, he noticed a little two feet tall wall still remained. Thinking that Bhai Mardhana ji did not complete the task thoroughly he began breaking down the last of the wall .. 

As he broke it down bit after bit, he noticed the ground beneath becoming weaker and weaker. There was a small crack in the soil and below the remains of the mud hut walls lay a gold mine. This humble servant had been living on a goldmine without knowing about it his whole life. Guru Ji’s blessings came in such a disguise, that far from destroying everything this humble being had, he in fact gave him more than he could have ever imagined having. 

Lessons we can learn from this sakhi..

  • Have faith in Guru Sahib’s hukam and Gurbani.
  • We don’t always understand why things happen in the moment..but in hindset it makes sense why things happen the way they did!
  • We are all living on gold mines without actually knowing it…beauty of Guru Sahib’s Grace!
  • If we adhered to every one of our Guru Ji’s hukams without complaining about the ‘suffering’ in our lives then we too would discover the gold mine within.
  • Humbleness, Seva, and pyaar can lead us to the most amazing riches in the world..our Guru Ji’s blessings…


QteC (1K)

“Visar nahee datar apana naam deho
Gun gava din raat nanak chao eho”
Forget me not O Giver, give me your name
Singing your virtues day and night is Nanak’s desire

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