This past weekend, Serene Singh, a Sikh and South Asian 23-year-old from Colorado Springs, Colorado placed in the TOP 10 for Miss World America, the world’s largest and oldest pageant competition. Singh is also a former America’s Junior Miss as well as Miss Colorado Teen.

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As a part of the Miss World America competition, Serene submitted tens of videos, statements, and photos. After Singh won the Miss Colorado title, she engaged in interview, fitness, talent, photogenic, entrepreneur, influencer, Q/A, head-to-head, among other competitions to land her a spot in the prestigious Top 10 in the USA.

After many years of the Miss World America competition without Colorado placing, Singh is “so grateful and excited” to have represented her home state this year and to be bringing home a special honor this 2020 year. Former Miss World America’s have included Halle Berry and former Miss USA Olivia Jordan.

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“Pageantry for me has been an opportunity to meet like-minded women who care deeply about being multi-disciplined in life, serving a greater purpose than themselves, and representing the culture and communities I carry with me so that someone out there is inspired to do the same in their field or with their dreams – even if it has never been done before,” explains Singh.

Singh is a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar who attended the University of Colorado where she obtained Latin Honors in her degrees in Political Science and Journalism. Currently, Singh is a Doctoral student at the University of Oxford, research focusing on the treatment of women in the United States criminal justice system.

Her focus on women and girls extends beyond her research and according to her, is the same reason she competes in pageantry. As a former intern for Mrs. Obama’s Global Girls Alliance as well as the Founder of The Serenity Project, a nonprofit that works with women survivors across the U.S. to build confidence tools and mentorship, Singh is deeply passionate about bringing awareness to women’s issues as well as advocating for women’s rights. She is also working on a project in Jharkhand, India to help Indian adolescent village girls gain self-defense skills and resources to stay in school.

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“In fact, I started my nonprofit with the knowledge I gained from my very first pageant title. I promised myself when I started competing to give all I am given back so more girls out there have opportunities like the ones I have had in my life to reach where I am today,” Singh says.

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