Reverend Hurley Admires Sex Equality in Sikhism


Dilpreet Jammu ~[email protected] ~ says:

In this brief but powerful video, Reverend O'Hurley talks about women and gender equality from the pulpit. Her congregation learns about Sikhism and applauds.

"Sikhism was the first major world religion, that not only supported gender equality, but actively encouraged it.

In their sacred holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, there are many scriptures that equalize men and women. It talks about the strengths of women, and there is even a passage, that refers to the fact that women give birth to kings, so how could they be any less than. This was 500 years ago people. Isn't that impressive. It was revolutionary. It still is revolutionary. In Sikhism, women are equal to men in role, status and power."

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