Nonagenarian man visits ancestral village in Pak after 72 years

A white-bearded elder man grabs him by the side and replies, “Yes, Sardar ji, this is your village....

It was a poignant moment when a nonagenarian man from India went to his ancestral village in Pakistan to meet his childhood friends as he visited the country to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.

Harbans Singh, 90, was 17 years old when he had to leave his ancestral home in Pakistan’s Jaranwala city during the Partition.

Urdu News posted videos capturing the heart-wrenching moment when Harbans visited his village accompanied by his daughter and son-in-law, who all came from America.

Harbans' wish to meet his childhood friend Muhamad Sharif got stronger after opening of the Kartarpur Corridor between India and Pakistan.

After reaching his village Lathianwala, an emotional Harbans asked “is this my village? This has changed so much.”

A white-bearded elder man grabs him by the side and replies, “Yes, Sardar ji, this is your village. This is Sukhan da Lathianwala. Welcome!”

The market was soon filled with beaming people and the scene looked like the one when meeting a relative after many years.

Harbans was asking about his home the entire time. He further added that their ‘haveli’ was one of the biggest houses in the village.

But Harbans Singh was surprised to find that his haveli was now replaced by a magnificent two-story building owned by local proprietors.


However, Harbans’ wish to meet his childhood friend remained unfulfilled as Muhammad Sharif’s grandson Khushi Mohammed informed him that their grandfather died about 10 years ago.

After saying that, he also hugged Harbans. The locals gave clothes to Harbans and his family as gifts.

"It is a great pleasure to be back here. Looking at my home felt like I was born again today. The wish that had been suppressed for 72 years has come true today. I am very happy with the love I received,” an emotional Harbans said.

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