Nihang Singh Would Like To Have A Few Words With You

"Make a film beta!!!!" Entries to the SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival are due August 31, 2014....

Dear Nihang Singh fans,

He's back! Nihang Singh wants to tell you something...  

Before watching these videos, though, do keep in mind that there is about 1 MONTH left before the deadline! Entries to the SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival are due August 31, 2014That is time enough to decide to make a film that you will never forget, and, perhaps, others won't forget either.

You don't know if you can make something special unless you try. Perhaps that will be an act of courage for you. So if you haven't yet.... START NOW! 

Enjoy these 2 brand new Nihang Singh videos. And watch the 3rd video below about this year's SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival theme: UnCommon Courage.

Nihang Singh - Be Courageous
Nihang Singh shows us that it takes courage to break up a fight or even to learn something new. The 2014 theme is “UnCommon Courage”. What does that mean to you?

Nihang Singh - Fed Up With Facebook

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“Good thing they didn’t try to poke me Beta”.
“Poke” the camera REC button, and start making a film for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival.

Uncommon Courage
Uncommon Courage

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In this video, we tried to explain what kinds of stories we want you to make:
Unsung heros, Unnoticed virtues, Unrecognized acts, Untold stories, Ordinary people… doing extraordinary things.

Who do you know? What story can you think of? Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us think. Make your film!

How To Make a Film Tips
  1. Keep the camera steady
    • Shaky camera work might make us sea-sick. Holding your camera still will make viewers more confident in you as a director.
  2. Make the sound nice
    • It’s hard to hear the message in film when there are car horns, airplanes, wind blowing into the mic, or the actors are being drowned out by background sounds. Some people even decide to do post film dubbing (where the actors re-record their voice).
  3. Work from a script
    • Every film needs a beginning, middle and end. Many videos fall short because they weren’t planned with story structure to start with. So, write it, review it, rewrite it, review it, rewrite it and THEN shoot it.

Intermediate Prizes 
(Ages 18-28.):
- Make Me Cry: $1,000
- Make Me Think: $1,000
- Make Me Laugh: $1,000 (Hint: there tends to be less competition in this area)

Junior Prize (Ages 11-17):
$500 prize for best film

Senior (age 29 and up):
Pat on the back :)

This year, we are doing a hybrid system: The audience vote will be factored in with the judges votes to determine the winners. More details later. 

Brief Rules

  • Theme: Uncommon Courage
  • Max film length 25 min.
  • Deadline: Aug 31st 2014.

Happy filmmaking!

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