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Initiated in 2013 when First Turban Day was celebrated in one of the college in New York City, with the purpose to promote and educate people of America and across the world about the Turban and its significance and identity in Sikh Religion.

In 2016, the Turban Day was held for the first time in Times Square, NYC. More than 5000 turbans tied every year on this day, and effort to expand awareness about the Sikh turban and the culture.

By tying turban, we spread the message of diversity, unity and
share the values of Love, Faith, Equality and Social Justice.

The event is held every year in April to commemorate Vaisakhi, the birth of Sikhism.

The Turban is a crown of each Sikh which represents Pride and Valor. Turban Day provides an opportunity for those that do not wear a turban to experience a Turban and learn about its significance first hand.

In 2018 with the support of all our volunteers we created the
Guinness World Record for most Turban tied in 8 hours.


Request you to join us on April 18th @Times Square, NYC and
help us to make this event more successful.


Glimpse from the past:



You can also register for volunteer/sewa for the day by registering yourself on our website: (www.sikhsofny.org) or email us at [email protected].

You can also connect and follow us at Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

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