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Minister Sajjan Gives Personal Parliament Tour to 2 Year Old Fan

Needless to say it is very charming that the Minister of Defence, fourth in line of succession from the P.M., to spend ...

Meet Sophia. She is a 2 year old Canadian patriot. 

She loves Canada and can even name it's ministers (See video below) 

-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Stephane Dion

-Minister of Health: Jane Philipott 

-Minister of Finance: Bill Morneau 

But on Canada Day, sporting two flags in her hair, maple leaf necklace and paint tattoos on her cheeks , she wasn't is such a good mood. Full of tears, crying, she exclaimed, "I want to go to Parliament... to see Harjit Singh Sajjan!!!" Harjit Singh Sajjan has become famous being the first turbaned, bearded Sikh to make it to such a high station in Canadian politics: Minister of Defence. 

Due to being out of town Sophia was not able to meet the Minister. When the tearful video of her went viral Minister Sajjan quickly responded with his own video inviting her to the National Parliament, "I'm so sorry I missed you in Ottawa... but my staff is going to get in touch with your parents and try to arrange that we can meet. I'm looking forward to meeting your because one of my goals is meet with future leaders of Canada. So I look forward to meeting you and your parents very shortly." (See video below) 

True to his word only a few days later Sophia was greeted at Parliament by Minister Sajjan. Needless to say it is very charming that the Minister of Defence, fourth in line of succession  from the P.M., to spend his time with this tiny super-fan. (Video below)     

Sophia even got the privilege of sitting in the Speakers Chair and try out the mechanized lift. Like his own child he showed her how, "it can go up or down." After giving her gifts including a hockey stick the Minister wished her good bye saying, "I'm happy to do that because, you know what, you're going to be teaching us very soon anyway." (See video below)   


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