Min Kaur - Journalist, Daughter & Sister

Women are usually the ones who are judged and blamed for marriages not working out in our community

"I went through a divorce back in 2008 and often, as a woman, you are the one who is judged and blamed for marriages not working out in our community. This can lead to a lot of stigma and isolation. I experienced a lot of negativity and had people putting me down; some would even tell me that I would never make it into mainstream Journalism. Due to the stigma of divorce I never had much support from the wider community.

My family and close friends are the ones who have supported me to become an independent woman; particularly in helping me get through my divorce and not letting my past be a barrier to carving out a career for myself. I have a strong faith and, as a Sikh woman, my belief in Waheguru continues to grow.

My close companions have always said ‘If you want something, keep going and keep helping others even if they don't help you back, as God will help you.’ That's exactly what happened when I landed a job in mainstream Radio/TV. It was through my faith in god and my meditation. I was able to focus, and the doors of opportunities began to open. I am so thankful and grateful for my faith as a Sikh woman and my close friends and family for seeing something in me which I haven’t always seen in myself. I have always been a very talkative person who enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories to learn from their experiences. Therefore, Journalism was a very natural career path for me.

It all began in the year 2000 when I started as a radio presenter with ‘Star FM’. I then fell into a Marketing role but I never enjoyed the corporate roles. My passion and interests were always in Media. In 2015, I took a TV presenter role with the ‘Sikh Channel’ and this then really made me want to present for mainstream TV/Radio. My work enabled me to cover breaking news stories, present live shows as well as complete outdoor broadcasts and I have hosted a regular breakfast show called ‘Saturday mornings’ where I have been able to interview inspirational guests. My love and passion for presenting has grown over my three years at the ‘Sikh Channel’ and earlier last year I landed a dream role in mainstream Radio. I have even presented at Radio 4 and for the BBC.

From my personal experience, I strongly believe that it was through my own choice and by using my voice (and with some perseverance) that I have got to where I am now. I believe that with a strong mind and determination you can achieve anything, as everything is possible. Without a voice and choices in life, you will just get told what to do and follow the crowd.

If there is one bit of advice I would give to anyone it would be that if you are religious, always believe God Is watching over you and will always help you. If you're not religious, I would encourage you to always have faith that things happen for a reason. Live life to the fullest, love with all your heart and be kind, caring and compassionate towards others. Always help others because someone has helped you, so pass on the love as good people do exist!

Independent and positive women rock and we will go further if we all support one another and help one another to grow and prosper. I strongly believe women should be equal to men. We should have more women as role models to look up to and hopefully over time this will be the case.”

Min’s Story is showing the ability for a woman to be successful despite social prejudice and judgement. Her family and friends have been key in supporting her to reach her ambitions and she hasn’t allowed any stigma to stop her from becoming an inspirational and independent South Asian woman. This is not always easy, as many of you will know. However, it’s important for one to always believe that many things can be made possible through confidence, encouragement and self- belief.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Min!

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