My dad and his story in isolation skipping challenge aged 73

Here's someone who's 73 years old and in isolation, but not giving up on exercise especially to inspire our co...

My dad's name is Rajinder Singh. He is 73 years old. He is self isolating because of his age.

He used to run every week in the park and the runs got cancelled, he doesn't have a big garden, so he goes to the allotment where he can grow his own fruit and veg, this is his private space, no one around, he does his exercise there so is social distancing, staying safe, healthy and wanting to inspire others through his skipping challenge that we have started and he wants more to join in (many have already been inspired to join). He is from Harlington, his allotment is Moor lane allotments in Hardmondsworth.
The challenge is to stay fit. To participate tweet your exercise video @minkaur5

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