Dr. Kirpal Singh, born on 10th October 1942 in Moga, Punjab, India in the family of S.Harchand Singh and Sardarni Jagir Kaur, embarked on a remarkable journey that transcended borders and disciplines. A distinguished alumnus of Govt Medical College Amritsar, he pursued medical excellence, obtaining his MBBS degree. He was a professional Psychiatrist of repute. He was blessed with daughter Parminder Kaur and two sons S.Tejinder Singh and Navdeep Singh. Though his early sojourn led him to England, it was Daytona in Florida , USA, where he found a permanent residence.

Beyond medical practice, Dr. Kirpal Singh emerged as a luminary and mentor on a global scale. During the challenging epoch of the Covid pandemic, he pioneered the use of webinars and online seminars, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to knowledge dissemination. His intellectual pursuits were profoundly influenced by Gurmat Philosophy, and he engaged in meaningful dialogues with Sikh scholars worldwide. Dr. Kirpal Singh, alongside his esteemed wife, Dr. Phyllis Singh, epitomized the principles espoused by Guru Baba Nanak. Their belief in fostering mutual goodwill, love, understanding, universal welfare, and worldwide peaceful coexistence reverberated in their philanthropic endeavors. Notably, they provided substantial financial support to authors, enabling the publication of diverse works. Dr. Singh's generosity extended to backing the "Voice of Manavata" TV shows, where he held a prominent role.

 A patron of literature, Dr. Kirpal Singh's financial contributions facilitated the publication of significant works in Urdu, such as "Japji and Sukhmani Sahib" by Khwaja Dil Mohammed MA, "Janam Sakhi Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Balewali" (edited by Dr. A. S. Aulakh), "Guru Granth Sahib and Islam" (History-Education), "Zafarnama" (Urdu Translation), "Twarikh Babar Akali Lehar" (Editor: B. S. Nijar) etc. His generosity extended beyond borders, where he supported Sikh students in Pakistan in their pursuit of higher education.

In a final act of altruism, Dr. Kirpal Singh chose to dedicate his body to medical research, leaving an indelible mark not only as a medical professional but as a benevolent humanitarian whose contributions resonated globally. His legacy encompasses a profound commitment to education, literature, and the welfare of communities


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