The Man in Blue - Simran - Meditation - Thinking About

If you were to know and understand all the words used in the different spiritual traditions to describe aspects of God, ...

Katha & Simran by Harjinder Singh | Man in Blue

The Man in Blue - Simran - Meditation - Thinking about

I have written about meditation before and made a YouTube video in which I meditated and explained the meaning of the words of the meditation.

The first word I meditated upon was 'Vahiguru', followed by 'Ik Ongkár, Sat Nám, Kartá Purkh, Nirbhau, Nirvair, Akál Murat, Ajuni, Saibhang, Gurprasád. Finally I sang a short passage from the Jáp Sahib : Gubinde, Mukande, Udáre, Apáre; Hariang, Kariang, Nirnáme, Akáme.

Although these meditations are by different authors, and have slightly different 'positions' in the Sikh tradition, they are all about qualities, aspects of God.

Words like God, Allah, Har or Prabh all mean the same: God. They are generic words for God. Words like Vahiguru, Gobinde, the Merciful or the Allmighty represent different qualities of God. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhi are monotheistic traditions, they all believe in the One, but they all use words that describe qualities of God. God is One, but She/He has many aspects.

If you were to know and understand all the words used in the different spiritual traditions to describe aspects of God, you might begin to understand something of the greatness of God.

Nám simran, meditation on Nám, remembering Nám, is about getting nearer to God by understanding and repeating words that try to describe aspects of God.

Wonderful bringer of light into darkness

Ik Ongkar - Satnám - Kartá Purkh - Nirbhau - Nirvair - Akál Murat -
Ájuni - Saibhang - Gurprasád

One Omnipresent, All-powerful - True Name - Creator Being - Without Fear - Without Enmity - Undying -
Does not die, is not born - No Needs - Guru's Blessing

Gobinde - Mukande - Udare - Apare;
World Sustainer - Liberator - Keeps Giving - Without Limit.
Hariang, Kariang, Nirname, Akame.
Destroyer - Creator - Without Name - Without Lust.

Simran, Meditation, thinking about God is not a question of saying certain words as often as possible, as fast as possible. Slowly saying a word, in a loving manner, tasting the sweetness of God on your tongue is what I try to do. It is essential to understand what you hear, Guru tells us again and again that we should do vichár.

Nám, godly essence, is in all the shabads of the Guru Granth Sahib. Reading, listening to, trying to understand the shabads and applying what you learned, is also meditation. Think about God with everything you do and you will be honest, you will share and you will see God in all, without which you will not see God at all. It is that simple and that complicated. But it works, results guaranteed!


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