Guru Gobind Singh ji composed Benti Choupai for times of great duress, and it still carries the power to help us.

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Will you keep Gurbani Kirtan free?

The meridian system is an energy path system through which life-energy flows in the human body. It is recognized by Chinese medicine and serves as the basis of many therapies such as acupuncture. Different meridians have different psycho-emotional states associated with them. Balancing these psycho-emotional states by getting in touch with our feelings and thoughts balances the meridians leading to better health.

The lung meridian starts in the upper abdomen, then descends to meet the large intestine.

Passing over the stomach, it crosses the diaphragm and enters the lungs. It passes up the middle of the windpipe to the throat, over the front of the shoulder and coming down the arm stopping at the thumb.

The lung meridian is the meridian of humility and tolerance, acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement. It is also where we accept and breathe in our life fully and where we accept others.

The negative attributes (when meridian is blocked) are pride, narrow mindedness, judgement, intolerance, criticism and inability to accept another's opinions. The lungs are also where we hold immense grief and suffering.

The lungs control breath and energy and assist with the circulation of blood. Breathing controls respiration and shallow irregular breathing is a cause of low vitality and insufficient metabolism. The lungs take in oxygen as well as any toxins in the air and breath out toxins and carbon monoxide, using the oxygen to generate energy in our body. If the lungs are not strong, then we end up absorbing viruses from the air and then the body must clear the virus through other means. Similarly, we constantly take in thoughts from the collective mind and expel the ones we do not need – or do we rather take in thoughts that reinforce our egoistic personality as opposed to feeding our soul?

The lung meridian is where we can surrender our egoic pride. A feeling of pride in the sense of self-respect and self-love allows the lungs to expand and function properly. The problem occurs when we become over-proud in the egoic sense and become intolerant towards and critical of others. This behaviour affects the lung meridian. To balance the lung meridian, we must learn how to tolerate, bear, praise and accept other people’s opinions without judgement as well as accepting and loving ourselves.

The lung meridian is closely related to the large intestine meridian. Congested lungs and clogged bronchial passages may be cleared by purging the bowels. Allergies may be cleared by looking at the lung/large intestine meridian relationship.

The psychological questions are – who or what are we allergic or intolerant to? Who within our family, friends and society have we rejected and not forgiven? Where have we become narrow-minded about other people’s lifestyles, religions and beliefs systems? This can be a difficult meridian to balance as the life task of the soul here on earth is to learn acceptance and gratitude. This may not be easy if we have fixed opinions about a lot of things.

The lung meridian is one of the three Yin (receptive energy) meridians - the other two being the heart and the pericardium. These three meridians are very important in the balancing of the heart centre. The most common disease of the airways of the lungs is asthma. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. In this case the lung meridian has become unbalanced. The psychological symptoms are fear, anxiety, and feeling stifled along with rejection of life, grief and suffering. This can happen when the individual has been judged, repressed or restricted and unable to live his or her life fully.

It is important to understand how our judgment and control of others can affect other people's meridians and hence their overall health. We must take responsibility for projecting negativity onto others. It can be very easy to be a "prosecutor" (check out the Karpman Drama Triangle) and feel powerful and victimize people, but in the long term it only causes grief and other health problems to oneself and others. It is good to appreciate and praise others especially children as this provides them with confidence and courage.

We learn and mimic the energy dynamics of the people surrounding us in childhood as we grow until we reach an age where we can discern what is right and wrong for us.

When we are young we do not always have the words to express ourselves fully. We did not always tell our parents or peers when we were hurt. The only way we could release blocked energy was by being "naughty" or by shouting screaming or crying. If we had understanding parents they would step in to heal and talk to us. However, some parents have not developed good listening and healing skills and our grief was left buried.

Unexpressed grief affects the lungs. Grief is when we feel a loss of love or a loss of a loved one. Grief is also felt when our expectations in life have not been met. It is important to express grief as a way of letting go of old attachments or old expectations. Grief may be expressed by talking to someone, crying or writing. By going through this therapeutic process, we open ourselves to the new. It is also necessary to forgive our parent, caretaker or others who have caused us grief.

Parents can take on the healing role by reciting Gurbani or affirmations for their children. In fact, reciting Shabads or Gurbani aloud is very beneficial for the lungs – that is why "Naam Japo" is one of the three pillars of Sikhism! Also, encouraging children to talk about their feelings and thoughts (and to adopt new belief systems which are soul empowering) will make a huge difference in the children being able to process their emotions. It allows them to transform blocked emotions and belief systems for the children and themselves. In the process of doing this, the parents will then also heal themselves and the children benefit as well from the good karma passed down from the parents. Pain is lessened and the "family meridian" structure will be better balanced.


I am humble
I am tolerant.
I accept myself my life and others.
I appreciate myself and others.
I praise myself and others
I acknowledge myself and others.
I am able to express my grief safely.
I surrender easily.

These affirmations balance the lung meridian and should be expressed with humbleness. If there is a difficulty or resistance in expressing them then it is a good idea to look into the reasons why, or you may try writing the reasons in a journal or diary.

Start your sentences e.g. by writing:

I am impatient because...
I am critical and judgmental because...
To surrender means …
To be tolerant means..., etc.

By expressing and releasing your feeling and thoughts in this way you may find it is easier to say the affirmation afterwards.

Extract from Guru Granth sahib

Prathhamae Shhoddee Paraaee Nindhaa
Outhar Gee Sabh Man Kee Chindhaa
Lobh Mohu Sabh Keeno Dhoor
Param Baisano Prabh Paekh Hajoor
Aiso Thiaagee Viralaa Koe
Har Har Naam Japai Jan Soe
Ahanbudhh Kaa Shhoddiaa Sang
Kaam Krodhh Kaa Outhariaa Rang
Naam Dhhiaaeae Har Har Harae
Bairee Meeth Hoeae Sanmaan
Saadhh Janaa Kai Sang Nisatharae
Sarab Mehi Pooran Bhagavaan
Prabh Kee Aagiaa Maan Sukh Paaeiaa
Gur Poorai Har Naam Dhrirraaeiaa

First, I gave up slandering others.
All the anxiety of my mind was dispelled.
Greed and attachment were totally banished.
I see God ever-present, close at hand; I have become a great devotee.
Such a renunciate is very rare.
Such a humble servant chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
I have forsaken my egotistical intellect.
The love of sexual desire and anger has vanished.
I meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
In the Company of the Holy, I am emancipated.
Enemy and friend are all the same to me.
The Perfect Lord God is permeating all.
Accepting the Will of God, I have found peace.
The Perfect Guru has implanted the Name of the Lord within me. (Ang 1147)

Amaavas Aatham Sukhee Bheae Santhokh Dheeaa Guradhaev
Man Than Seethal Saanth Sehaj Laagaa Prabh Kee Saev
Ttoottae Bandhhan Bahu Bikaar Safal Pooran Thaa Kae Kaam
Saran Gehee Paarabreham Kee Mittiaa Aavaa Gavan
Aap Thariaa Kuttanb Sio Gun Gubindh Prabh Ravan
Har Kee Ttehal Kamaavanee Japeeai Prabh Kaa Naam
Gur Poorae Thae Paaeiaa Naanak Sukh Bisraam

The day of the new moon: My soul is at peace; the Divine Guru has blessed me with contentment.
My mind and body are cooled and soothed, in intuitive peace and poise; I have dedicated myself to serving God.
One who meditates in remembrance on the Name of the Lord - his bonds are broken,
All his sins are erased, and his works are brought to perfect fruition; his evil-mindedness disappears, and his ego is subdued.
Taking to the Sanctuary of the Supreme Lord God, his comings and goings in reincarnation are ended.
He saves many along with his family.
Chanting the Praises of God, the Lord of the Universe.
I serve the Lord, and I chant the Name of God.
From the Perfect Guru, Nanak has obtained peace and comfortable ease. (Ang 299)

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