The Gallbladder Meridian 

The meridian system is a path system in Chinese medicine through which life-energy flows. Different meridians have different psycho-emotional states associated with them and balancing these psycho-emotional states by getting in touch with our feelings and thoughts balances the meridians leading to better health.

The Gall-bladder meridian starts beside the eye and descends the side of the head and adjacent to the ear and on the face, it descends through the shoulder, passing down the side of the body and legs to the foot and fourth toe.

The gallbladder meridian is the meridian of kindness , gratitude and "reaching out with love and compassion" and decisive action.

Its negative attributes are bitterness, rage and an overstimulated mind.

The gallbladder is a small sac-shaped organ beneath the liver, in which bile is stored after secretion by the liver and before release into the intestine. The function of the bile (which is bitter in taste) is to aid digestion of fats and oils. It also works with the lymphatic system to clear toxic by-products of metabolism from the muscular system thereby eliminating muscular aches and fatigues.

The Gall Bladder is known as "The Official of Decision Making and Judgement". In any given day, this Official makes countless decisions – conscious and unconscious, which influence every aspect of our being. The quality of discernment is the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. For a learned soul, it is the ability to be conscious about our own consciousness. Bhagat Kabir Ji writes -

Panch Peharooaa Dhar Mehi Rehathae Thin Kaa Nehee Patheeaaraa
Chaeth Suchaeth Chith Hoe Rahu Tho Lai Paragaas Oujaaraa
Nau Ghar Dhaekh J Kaaman Bhoolee Basath Anoop N Paaee
Kehath Kabeer Navai Ghar Moosae Dhasavain Thath Samaaee

The five senses stand as guards at the gate, but how can they be trusted?
When you are conscious of your consciousness, you shall be enlightened and illuminated.
Seeing the nine openings of the body, the soul-bride is led astray; she does not obtain that incomparable thing.
Says Kabeer, the nine openings of the body are being plundered; rise up to the Tenth Gate, and discover the true essence. (Ang 339)

Balancing the gallbladder meridian clears the head of "brain fog" and brings in new wisdom and consciousness. Along with the bladder and stomach meridian (all three are Yang meridians) these meridians have their endpoints in the head and have an important part to play in balancing our consciousness. Balancing these meridians of emotions is very important otherwise we are unable to "awaken" ourselves and go beyond the illusion of the ego mind.

The gallbladder meridian is a long meridian which runs on the side of the body and ends at the sides of the head – hence it influences the brain and the mindset. The mind is where we initiate our desires – that is ok because the soul has many desires and has chosen a physical form through which to experience, learn and evolve from. The problem is that when we have too many desires in our head and not enough time or energy to experience and digest them. Then we keep thinking, wishing, fantasising, speculating, planning and creating "castles in the air" and do not manifest them. This is how the mind becomes overloaded. It is like eating more food than you can digest – you will eventually become sick as the body is forced to throw up what it does not need! Excess thoughts cause an excess of emotions. The solution is to sit down and get in touch with your mental desires, fantasies and speculations whether they are "unfulfilled" or "fulfilled."

I say "fulfilled " because sometimes we have achieved something but we have not let go of the mindset that created it. It is a bit like always riding a bike with the stabilisers on! Letting go helps balance the gallbladder meridian and helps regulate the gallbladder itself. After all the gallbladder stores bile to digest fatty food (along with ‘digesting’ mindsets and desires) and if it does not work properly then fat from the food cannot be broken down and is then stored on the body.

Many a tension headache is caused by the gallbladder meridian as this meridian runs up the shoulders, side of the head and top of the head. Unhappiness forms in the liver, if left unattended it turns to anger. If unreleased, the anger moves into the gallbladder and manifests as rage. Headaches are often caused by anger and bitterness - in fact gallstones represent a hardened personality and are formed by years of repressing rage and bitterness instead of expressing what is truly felt and then forgiving and letting go. The gallbladder affects many areas and organs of the body, from the head, chest, stomach, lower back hips and outer legs- hence it is a very important meridian to balance – and balancing it creates a better mindset.

This meridian also governs the quality of gratitude. Being grateful in life is very important. Being grateful is not a weakness. If we are grateful to someone, we bestow love onto that person. we give them a sense of self-worth and respect and we heal that person. Being grateful is humility – an attribute that reminds us that the divine sends people to help and support us and that we need not do it all alone all the time. Gratitude is very important for the heart centre to flourish. The gallbladder meridian runs by the side of the heart centre. Any aches and pains around this area (and in the whole body) along with pain in the shoulder area could well be caused by an unbalanced gallbladder meridian.

Sciatic pain frequently follows the Gallbladder meridian precisely along its path (less often, sciatic pain follows the path of the Bladder meridian.)

The gallbladder meridian works closely with the kidney meridian. The kidney meridian controls drive and vitality and the gallbladder meridian provides the means to turn this drive and vitality into decisive action - allowing us to move forward in life. The gallbladder meridian also passes the side of the chest very close to the heart centre - therefore its affirmations are kindness, gratitude, love and compassion.

Being "in present awareness" is another important attribute. It means "to be present and aware of the thoughts and emotions in the psyche" but not allowing them to take you over and act through you. Rather there is a certain amount of emotional intelligence which allows you to recognise your emotions and realise how they affect you and people around you. In addition, being present allows you to recognise how your mindset affects what you create in your life. It also involves your perception of others. When you connect to how they feel and how you feel yourself you can manage relationships more effectively.


  • I reach out with kindness, love and compassion.
  • I am grateful.
  • I can express my rage safely.
  • I am a god-conscious being.
  • I am present here, now.

Reciting Rehras Sahib for gratitude is a very beneficial way of balancing the gallbladder meridian as it is recited towards the end of the day.

The affirmations balance the Gallbladder meridian and should be expressed with humbleness. If there is a difficulty or resistance in expressing them then it is a good idea to look into the reasons why or you may try writing the reasons in a journal or diary.

Start your sentences e.g. by writing - I feel bitter because...
I feel rage because because...
To be compassionate means...
To be grateful means..., etc.

By expressing and releasing your feelings and mindset in this way you may find it is easier to say the affirmation afterwards

Guru Granth Sahib

Ik Oankaar Sathigur Prasaadh
Sabh Dhin Kae Samarathh Panthh Bithulae Ho Bal Bal Jaao
Gaavan Bhaavan Santhan Thorai Charan Ouvaa Kai Paao
Jaasan Baasan Sehaj Kael Karunaa Mai Eaek Ananth Anoopai Thaao
Ridhh Sidhh Nidhh Kar Thal Jagajeevan Srab Naathh Anaekai Naao
Dhaeiaa Maeiaa Kirapaa Naanak Ko Sun Sun Jas Jeevaao

One Universal Creator God.
By The Grace Of The True Guru:
You are all-powerful, at all times; You show me the Way; I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to You.
Your Saints sing to You with love; I fall at their feet.
O Praiseworthy Lord, Enjoyer of celestial peace, Embodiment of mercy, One Infinite Lord, Your place is so beautiful.
Riches, supernatural spiritual powers and wealth are in the palm of Your hand. O Lord, Life of the World, Master of all, infinite is Your Name.
Show Kindness, Mercy and Compassion to Nanak; hearing Your Praises, I live. (ang 536)


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