Indiana Senate Begins With Sikh Prayers & Passed Resolution Honoring Contributions Of Sikhs

"With about 3,500 Sikh-owned businesses in Indiana, Sikhs have become one of the fastest growing business communiti...

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Senate recognized and acknowledged “the significant contributions that Sikhism has made across the United States and to the State of Indiana” through Senate Resolution 27. The resolution, authored by Senator Aaron Freeman and Senator Jack Sandlin, was adopted on February 15 and presented to SikhsPAC chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa in open session on February 19.

Khalsa was given the honor of opening the session with an invocation that emphasized Sikh tradition and beliefs. “As Sikhs, we hold unity, dignity, respect, social justice, peace and prosperity as key tenets of a healthy, happy, holy life. During the invocation, I shared these values with our great legislators and asked for blessings upon our children, our educational institutions, the wellbeing of our elderly and those serving in the military, the purity of our natural resources, Hoosier businesses and workers, our governmental services, and all of our elected officials who provide leadership, vision, integrity and dedication to the state of Indiana and its citizens,” Khalsa said.

The Senate resolution acknowledged that Sikhism, which was founded over 500 years ago and is currently the fifth largest religion in the world, “preaches a message of devotion, truthful living, equality of mankind and social justice.” The resolution also emphasized that “Sikhs believe that people of different races, religions, or sexes are equal in the eyes of God and in the full equality of men and women.”

The resolution concludes by highlighting the Sikh’s significant contributions to serve our country, our state and our communities, as well as by stating that the faithful service of the Sikh community to Indiana and the United States “merits appreciation as an integral thread in the fabric of American plurality.”

“It is with great honor and humility that I accept this most significant distinction on behalf of the Sikh community,” said Khalsa. “We are privileged to be able to live in America and to contribute to our nation’s prosperity. We are dedicated to the future of Indiana and the United States and we commit ourselves to serving with an open, honest heart.”

Senator Freeman commented that “For the second consecutive year, I joined Senator Jack Sandlin in honoring the many great accomplishments of the Sikh community in Indiana with a resolution following a traditional Sikh prayer in the Senate Chamber.

“I am proud to represent the southeast side of Indianapolis, which has a very strong and dynamic Sikh community,” Freeman said. “Sikhism has benefited the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana in many positive ways. Members of the Sikh community have benefited our business community and our great military service, and they had added great value to the culture and diversity in our community.”

Senator Sandlin added that, “The traditions and culture of Sikhism contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of our state. With about 3,500 Sikh-owned businesses in Indiana, Sikhs have become one of the fastest growing business communities in our state, living a life of devotion and truthful living. I was proud to present the Sikh community with a resolution and was moved by the prayer they offered before yesterday’s Senate session meeting.”

The Sikh community in Indiana is large and growing every day. More than 10,000 Sikhs live in Indiana and more than 3,500 businesses are owned or operated by Sikhs in our state.


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