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“The Guru Granth Sahib says that the purpose of human life is to achieve a blissful state in harmony with everything around them including other people, animals and nature." Indeed, Sikhism teaches stewardship of the natural world and the one-ness of creation. As such, nature-inspired family days out offer the perfect opportunity to bond as a family and make lasting memories, while also teaching your children about the wonder of the natural world.

Visit an animal sanctuary

Children love animals and visiting an animal sanctuary is a great way to let them get up close and personal with all kinds of amazing, gentle creatures. Seeing animals in their natural habitats also helps children develop a sensitive and respectful mindset towards animals that’ll stick with them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, this type of destination also offers a practical and engaging opportunity to teach your children about the importance of environmental awareness and conservation. In fact, most animal sanctuaries also typically run educational programs designed to educate children about the importance of conservation projects to protect the natural world and the future of every species.

Have a family picnic 

Full of fresh air, gorgeous scenery, and tasty food, family picnics never get old. Research parks, ponds, and lakes in your local area and decide which potential picnic location suits your family best. Be sure to check operating hours and entrance fees (if any). And, you can also opt to make your day out even more adventurous. Frankly Alpacas in the heart of the Shropshire countryside, for example, lets families enjoy a special picnic with stunning scenic views complete with alpacas. Once you’ve enjoyed your food, the alpacas will then be led into the picnic area and you’ll be given the chance to meet, feed, and take pictures with your new friends. The experienced team will also be on hand to tell you everything there is to know about alpacas and answer all your questions. 

Go on a tree top adventure

If you’re looking for something a little more exhilarating, why not try a tree top adventure experience? Go Ape locations, for example, can be found throughout forests across England, and offer a treetop challenge suitable for ages ten and up. Tarzan swings, wobbly bridges, and super-fast zip wires are just some of the exciting challenges you’ll encounter on these epic tree top treks. If you have younger children, tree top adventures are also available for ages six and up. Not only will this day out give you the chance to immerse yourself in nature, but you’ll also be laughing and screaming as you do it!

Nature-inspired days out are a great way to have fun yet educational adventures together as a family. Visiting an animal sanctuary, having a family picnic, and going on a tree top adventure are just some of the most exciting days out your family can enjoy together, while also making memories that last a lifetime

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