How To Make 2022 The Year You Reconnect With Nature

As Sikhs, there is a responsibility to care for the planet, and to respect nature as a Mother and Father (Guru Granth Sa...

Scientists have confirmed that spending just two hours per week in nature can improve health and wellbeing, but for many people, this isn’t a top priority.  For Sikhs, this connection with creation isn’t just a good aspiration; it’s fundamental.  The Guru Granth Sahib shows that part of the purpose of human beings is to be in harmony with the earth.   So how can you unlock the healing potential of nature, and celebrate creation as part of your Sikh journey this year?

Use Your Vacation Time Wisely

Pre-pandemic, many workers were reluctant to take vacation leave; one survey found that 54% felt guilty when they went away for a break.  After a difficult few years, it must be hoped that attitudes have changed, and that people will recognize the importance of rest and relaxation.  Vacations are also crucial for maintaining relationships and family bonds.  To improve your chances of switching off, you could look at a remote location to truly get back to nature; a luxurious retreat surrounded by lush greenery could be the ideal place to reflect on the Divine creation that is our planet. Going off the beaten track for a little luxury is also a great way to tempt teenagers and kids away from screens and out for family time, as well as helping you to create memories together.  If you’re on a budget, you could plan a camping or hiking holiday for immersion in nature. 

Make Small Changes To Your Routine

While vacations offer the opportunity to really recharge in style, you can also make small changes to your everyday life to embrace nature and boost your wellbeing.  If possible, you could walk to work, or plan a scenic walk, bike ride or run with a friend during your lunch break.  Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can increase feelings of positivity, leaving you feeling uplifted and appreciative for the rest of the day.  Finally, make a note of what time the sun rises or sets and plan your prayer and meditation time around that.  The added splendor of the sun in all its glory will really lift your spirits and remind you to be thankful for what’s important.

Take Action For The Planet

As Sikhs, there is a responsibility to care for the planet, and to respect nature as a Mother and Father (Guru Granth Sahib, 8).  Therefore, as part of your reconnection this year, you could review your commitment to sustainability; recycling, using the car less, reducing your use of plastic (just 10% of plastic is recycled at present), and composting food waste.  Even small changes in your family life can add up to big differences to the planet.

By immersing yourself more fully in nature this year, you can boost your own health and happiness, as well as that of your family.  In turn, by taking care of creation, you can ensure that future generations can experience the same benefits.  Make this year a milestone in your relationship with nature.

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