Heritage Hamlets of the Sikhs

Uri, Salamabad and Lagama


Uri  tehsil is 51 km from Baramulla district, rich in natural scenery with the hills adorn its beauty.  Uri is located on the left bank of the river Jhelum, about 10 km each of the line of control with Pakistan. There are about 46 villages and Sikhs reside in 3 villages, namely Uri, Salamabad and Lagama. Historic Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, Parampillan is situated on the right side of the river Jhelum. 


 CC.  Gurdwara Parimpillian, Uri commemorates the visit of Guru Hargobind Sahib who stayed here on his way to Punjab. The Gurdwara is situated 50 Kilometers away from Baramulla on Baramulla-Uri National Highway. It is situated on the right bank of Jhelum River near the Seria (fort) of King Jahangir (1605-1628). 

 A legend is familiar from generations to generations that Guru Hargobind Sahib while preaching the mission of Guru Nanak on a long stone plate (which is still preserved)here, five Muslim pirs of high calibre namely Gulsher, Phorsultan, Rangi Emam, Noor Nihal and Abdul Gufoor had a religious conversation with the Guru. To know the divine force of Guru Hargobind, the five pirs adopted their maricle power but failed. Guru ji abruptly told them that the true disciples of Allah (God) should not talk these words. Neither sky nor earth could accept them. Nature's lightening should not spear them.

 It is an interesting story that after Guru Har Gobind left Uri towards Punjab. Pir Abdul Gaffoor died and his body came out of the grave alongwith taboot (wooden box in which dead body is placed) and flew and came near pirnian village, which is still hanging in a Muslim shrine near the village.

Pir Rangi Emam's grave is near village Shahdara (Uri) on the bank of Jehlum river at the footsteps of a hill. Once due to natural lightening, his grave brunt and the land became red. No plantation or grass grows upto this day. It is Known as Guram Ziarat (Warm shrine) by the muslims.

Near the Gurdwara Sahib, a Mulsim mosque is also constructed which signifies the Guru Sahib's love for other communities. Later on, the local Sayeed Muslim devotees of Guru ji candled a flame near this stone plate. This place remained hidden for quite a long time.

It was only in 1936-1937 Sikh devotees of Salamabad Uri, Dardkot, etc. constructed a small Gurdwara on this spot. Certain objections were raised by some miscreants patronized by Ali Khan of Lachhipura. At last, Krim Ullah, Deputy Commissioner authorized the Sikhs to build a Gurdwara at this place. Due to the personal efforts of S. Narain Singh Salambad, S. Gurmukh Singh and S. Damodar Singh (Engineers) and other Sikhs, the Gurdwara building was erected in a short time. Masons like S. Dulla Singh and S. Fulla Singh (Punjab)performed the construction of Sewa with devotional zeal. Due to their constant efforts a high Kesri Nishan Sahib has been erected. A number of devotees including Sikhs, Sahajdhari Sikhs, Brahmans and Sayeed Muslims visit this shrine daily.

In 1947, Sayeed Mulsims protected the shrine from the invaders. Bhai Gokal Singh of Chandanwari performed the duties of a Granthi, after traveling a distance of 20 kilometers daily on foot. Later on, every Sunday Giani Isher Singh Bakish, Gian Sant Singh Bhartpuri and S. Ichpal Singh Performed Kirtan in this Gurdwara.In 1970-71, a bridge was constructed on the Jhelum river, which linked Gurdwara, In spite of civilians, army personnel performed the sewa off and on, with devotional zeal. Bhai Narian Singh Transporter of Slamabad remained the President of this Gurdwara for complete 23 years and performed the duties with devotional zeal. Recently a beautiful white marble gurdwara was constructed along with rooms for pilgrims. Two Kesri Nishan Sahib seen from a long distance. The shrine is under District Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Baramulla. Baisakhi day and Guru Hargobind's birthday are celebrated with spiritual enthusiasm. After this spot Guru Ji proceeded towards 'Dolanja', where Guru Ji's horse footprints are still preserved. A Kesri Nishan Sahib and a room is erected.

In Uri  the total Sikh House holders are 9 and the population is about 36.

SALAMABAD : Salamabad is about 9 km from the town Uri, on the left bank of river Jhelum. There are about 20 Sikh houses, having 60 population. Gurdwara is erected beautifully. 

LAGAMA : Lagama village is a short distance from the town Uri. It is molded with the natural beauty of hills and Jhelum River. A Gurdwara was constructed earlier. Total Sikh families are 6, having about 30 population. 

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