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Heritage Hamlets of the Sikhs.

The villages of Kashmir


Leh is the largest town of the union territory of Ladakh (UT) in India, at an altitude of 11,562 ft. Leh was an important trade route between India and China for centuries. There are 113 villages in Leh Ladakh. Sikhs are residing in towns like Leh and Kargil only. Guru Nanak Dev ji visited some villages like Leh, Upshi, Basgo, Nimmo, Kharu, Khalsi etc.


There are about 14 Sikh house holders with a total population of about 44.

GURDWARA CHARAN KANWAL SAHIB, KARGIL: On the bank of Surya stream, Gurdwara Charan kanwal Sahib commemorated Guru Nanak Sahib's visit. Gurdwara is small and looked after by the Indian army.


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KUPWARA : Kupwara district of Kashmir Valley (carved from Baramulla District in 1979) is famous for its natural beauty. From here the river Krishna Ganga from the Himalayas flows from east to west. There are a total 372 villages in this district which include 8 Sikh towns /villages. These are Handwara, Didarpura, Rawalpura, Shalpura, Chugal, Kupwara, Dildar and Triboni.In Kupwara there are 11 Sikh families, having approximately 27 population. Gurdwara is situated in the main market of the Kupwara. 


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HANDWARA: Handwara is an old town encircled by mountains and forests. In this town only 8 Sikh families reside and approximately population roundabout 55.Its distance from kupwara headquarters is 18 kms. A Gurudwara Tikana Sahib situated in the main market. 



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Shallpura village is small with 21 Sikh families having approximately Sikh Population 119. This village is 50 kms from the Kupwara headquarters. 

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Rawalpora village is about 40 kms from Kupwara. The Sikh house holders are about 18 with approximately 150 Sikh Population.







Its earlier name was Baddra. When S. Deedar Singh( son of Bhai Assa Singh ) achieved martyrdom at the Nehafa Sychin China border; the government of India named this village after Deedar Singh as Deedarpura. Inhabitants came from Dara khyber, still known as Khabree. Total Sikh families are 73 with Sikh Population of approximately 438. Village is 39 kms from the Kupwara district headquarters. 


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CHO'GALL : Cho'gall village is 22 kms from the district headquarters Kupwara. Sikh house holders are about 20 with a population of approximately 180.


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Dildar, also known as Sumbalpora is a village surrounded by natural beauty. In this village 32 Sikh families reside and approximately Population is about 180. Village is about 88 kms from district Kupwara headquarters. 


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This village is located between the Karnah hills and inhabited on both sides of the stream.Towards one corner  of Stream are three China trees (Bones) clusters, which became familiar with the name Tribonia. There are 40 Sikh families with a population approximately 240.The Sikhs are very hard workers and moulded with Gursikh principles. The village is about 90 kms from district headquarters Kupwara. 


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