The Hind was crumbling for its existence 


Death, devastation and destroying of its reputation.


Surrounding by fear and demanding one hand for assistance,


GTB shield of nation.jpg

The Ninth Guru comes forward for saving the nation.


The ruthless kingdom doing all the cruelty


Giving up the limit of tolerance on this wretched situation


People cry, beg, insulted, broken fearly,


Then Guru Teg Bahadur was only hope to shield the nation.


Living happily with dignity left only in dream


Forgot their own identity, drown by humiliation


Strength equipped powerless, nobody hear their scream


The ninth Guru then listen their plead and protect the nation


Guru sacrifices himself for the sake of common people,


Inspired the world to stand by the truth without hesitation


Giving the message of equality, martyr of human rights


We salute world’s blanket Guru Teg bahadur, a true Guru for the nation, a True Guru for the mankind.


By: Gurdeep singh

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Nov 24th 2014

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