Watch this Inspiring story by Jagjit Singh from the organization "Zero Hunder with Langar" about his meeting with a Muslim Imam in a village in Africa.

"What my Guru teaches me is that if someone's a Muslim, a Christian... tell them to be the best Muslim and Christian they can be. I said, 'What's stopping you from doing your 5 prayers a day?' He said, 'I don't have the Qurans.' So we supplied those to him. He goes, 'So you don't want us to be Sikhs, you're getting us Qurans, WHICH PART OF THE UNIVERSE DO YOU COME FROM?' I said, 'The same part that you come from'." 

Sharing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's simple message of One God and Many paths, and respecting ALL. Be the best you Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew you can be! Check out the amazing work that his organization is doing at

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