This wonderful story of Guru Nanak on his travels teaches us to pray with God in our hearts! It's easy to get distracted when we are trying to squeeze prayers into our busy daily schedules, but Guru Nanak teaches us to be still and sincere so we can be full of God every day. Guru ji enlightened the Brahmans at the sacred site of the Hariduar river during a holy festival by using humor and challenging preconceived thinking. This is a story that your children will remember their whole lives. 

Over 3 Hours of Animated SikhNet Stories

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Due to requests from sangat SikhNet has undertaken the effort to create more animations.

Every month in 2020 we have been releasing an animated version of one of our stories. Recently we realized that we now have over 3 hours of total animation! Click the image to the right for the playlist of all the animations.  

And there's more...
In May, SikhNet will present

The 1st Prize Story
in the Junior category as a
NEW Animated Story! 

Trees Grow Overnight
by Hunar Kaur

Last fall SikhNet held a scriptwriting contest for kids all over the world. In our Junior category, Hunar Kaur won for her story called: Trees Grow Overnight. This story is about a girl who receives a divine inspiration direct from God to plant trees, by invoking Bhai Ghaneya, in his spirit of caring for all. It deals with dire environmental concern, a very pressing issue, with a spiritual activist approach. It was well-written and impressive that the storyteller conceived the idea of connecting Bhai Ghaneya ji to the environment. That is the very reason we want to hear from youth, their creativity has no bounds.

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