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Singh Hikers is a group that has been actively hiking peaks in southern California for the last 6 months. They have hiked all the major 6 peaks in the area, the highest being 'San Gorgonio' standing tall at 11,500 ft elevation. The group comprises doctors, engineers, technology executives, and businessmen from southern California. 
Grand Canyon Singhs2.jpg
With regard to the ongoing farmer protests in India, the group decided on a unique way of supporting the protest by hiking Rim to Rim of the GRAND CANYON in Arizona, which is a globally renowned and extremely difficult hike. Less than 1% of the 6 million annual visitors embark on this hike and most of them prepare for months, some even years. The hike has a distance of up to 24 miles depending on the start and endpoint with miles of steep incline and decline. During the hike, the group spoke to several international hikers about the protest conveying the reasons it has seen a massive 250 million people's support within months of its start in November 2020. 
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"The Colorado River that flows between rims was formed by cutting through these thick rims 4-5 million years ago. This is truly analogous to how our farmers are flowing like a river cutting through the Indian government's red tape and negotiating for better farm laws for everyone" said Deepinder Singh, one of the hikers speaking during the hike. Another hiker Daman Singh said "The people who are participating in this protest shall consider themselves real-life heroes as they are creating history by becoming part of the biggest movement in the modern-day world. I also wanted to feel the pain that our farmers are going through sitting there at the border for almost a year and hiking Grand Canyon has been one of the best ways to experience it". The hike was started from South Rim at 3:30 am and the group reached at North Rim around 8:30 pm the night covering close to 23 miles in those 17 hours.  

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One of the founding members of Singh Hiker Group, Inderjot Singh urged people to support the protest so that the 700 plus farmers who sacrificed their lives for the cause should not go in vain. He also said that the group pledges to create more awareness for the cause in the future and send as much financial help as possible to our farmers. Ravinder Singh Mann, another founding member explained how the family lives of farmers have been impacted and encouraged everyone to motivate and support our farmers by providing them the necessary things at the New Delhi border protest site.   

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The orange turbans and white shirts the group wore were noticed by every passerby. The group indeed received praises from some hikers who were well-informed about the protest. Singh Hikers' next plan is to hike Mount Whitney (the tallest peak in the 48 coterminous U.S. states), to continue showing their unique way of supporting the Indian farmers from within the US. 

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