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Happy Vaisakhi

‘Gobind 350’ celebrates the 350th birth Anniversary of the tenth Sikh Guru and founder of the Khalsa, by reflecting on his life journey and the greatness of his lasting legacy.

Three hundred and fifty years ago, Guru Gobind Singh took human form as Gobind Rai at a time when the tide of tyranny, fanaticism and religious persecution threatened to engulf the entire Indian sub-continent. In place of despair, the Guru created unimaginable possibilities through the creation of the Khalsa Panth. However, the dynamic changes which he wrought to Indian society to uplift the down trodden did not come without tremendous personal loss and struggle. To give India a grand new horizon of equality, justice and liberty for every man and woman, regardless of religion or caste, the Guru had to consciously sacrifice members of his family and close brethren.

The revolutionary fire which he lit in his lifetime has endured through the centuries, burning brightly in the hearts of countless generations of Sikhs thereafter and countless more yet to be born. With inspiration drawn from Guru Gobind Singh’s life and legacy, as well as the numerous heroes who have emerged in his wake, Kanwar Singh has created a unique exhibition to remind us of the gift that was, and always will be…Guru Gobind Singh.

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Contributing Artist

Kanwar Singh has launched a year long Exhibition showcasing his artwork alongside poet Harman (book: Rani-Tatt) & calligraphy artist Rajvir Kaur Khalsa.

Harman Jeet Singh is a young poet, hailing from Khiala Kalan, a village in District Mansa of Punjab. He released his debut book of poetry and prose under the title “Rani Tatt” at the age of 24. He also got Punjabi Sahit Academy Award for prose writing in the year 2014. Nature has always lured him since childhood and it presented strongly at his youth and provided the readers of all age groups with the finest gift and a fresh start at reading literature. Punjabi language seems to enjoy his presence. He also has great reverence for Gurbani and the life of Sikh gurus. Guru Nanak, Gobind and gallant Sikh warriors look alive in his poetic verses. Apart from poetry and literary works, Harman is passionate about lyric writing for the music and film industry. His debut song “Rajeya” has been recorded in Amrinder Gill’s movie Sarvann and many more are yet to come.

Rajvir Kaur Khalsa was born and raised in Punjab. She completed her Bachelors of IT from Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar. Although she pursued learning technology at an early age, she found that the value of handwritten words over printing was more powerful. Rajvir Kaur Khalsa has always been devoted to do Sehaj Paath Sahib of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and eventually with the grace of Guru Sahib Ji, she was inclined towards Gurbani calligraphy. The thought to carry forward and spread the essential art of Gurmukhi Calligraphy evolved thereby. She had made her presence felt during Sikh Heritage Month and the Sikh Youth Federation Camp in 2016. She has initiated the desire to learn Gurmukhi Calligraphy in the hearts of many, especially the youths. Rajvir Kaur Khalsa is determined to spread and share this art of great importance to Sikhs and the humanity. She is very hopeful that even in the dominance of technological gadgets, the blissful art of Gurmukhi Calligraphy will flourish undauntedly.

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