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How did you come to work at SikhNet? I started working for SikhNet when they wanted to expand their fundraising program. Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa brought me in as a consultant around 2014 or so. 

What is your favorite thing about your job? I work with such an awesome, creative, heart-centered team. That's my favorite part of my job. 

How is your journey with SikhNet developing or how has the role changed over time? I first came on as a consultant - before the year end fundraiser, and then as a part time employee in 2017. I feel like we have gotten our fundraising feet underneath us now and it's exciting to see the expansion. My position was first part time and has grown into full-time and recently we hired Jasdeep Kaur ji as a part-time Major Gift Officer, which is very exciting as well. 

What does the area of  fundraising mean to you? How do you see your role as it contributes to SikhNet and how this contributes to the world in general? Our donors are the ones who allow for the creation and continuation of SikhNet services. It is an honor to work with not just donors, but our user base as well, sharing our expanding services, hidden gems and all things Sikhi that SikhNet offers access to millions of people every year. Fundraising for me is all about building relationships with the people who use and value these services and communication is key. Running successful fundraising programs ensures that what SikhNet offers can continue to be offered free of charge for anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Can you describe an average day, task or process for SikhNet? One of my favorite things about SikhNet is that we do a "Donor Ardas" for our donors. We gather as a team to thank our donors and pray for their health, success and happiness.  

What you like to do outside SikhNet ? I like to grow vegetables in my hydroponic garden and hope to one day have my own farm. 


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How did you come to work at SikhNet? I have been connected to SikhNet as a parent and a visitor, ever since my kids were young and enrolled in Punjabi School. I turned to SikhNet to answer their questions about Sikhi and to explain the concepts in English. During the pandemic, I was deeply impacted by the polarity, corruption, and destruction experienced by humanity. During this time, my solace was a virtual connection with the global Sadh Sangat—a place where I could still interact with Gurbani and Shabad Kirtan in a time when all places of worship went online. A deep yearning took place in my heart to do something bigger and more purposeful with my life. In 2022, a position for a part-time Major Gifts Officer opened at SikhNet. I followed my heart and applied for this position.  I was hired in June, and since then I have been a part of this organization.

What is your favorite thing about your job? The Major Gifts Officer is a new position at SikhNet, so there are a lot of things to learn. My manager, Darshan Kaur Jee, is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about her role at SikhNet, and she is guiding me through the responsibilities and expectations of my role. My favorite thing about my job is learning about Responsive Fundraising. Although my background is in education—a field I have spent more than 10 years in—working as the Major Gifts Officer has enabled me to understand at a deeper level what Responsive Fundraising is all about. I am learning more about our donors, and how their support has been instrumental in SikhNet’s success for the last 25 years. I am also learning about building relationships with each donor, how to connect with them through technology, and how to ensure lifelong membership with SikhNet’s mission. 

How is your journey with SikhNet developing or how has the role changed over time? Being very new to the organization, my journey is still developing. Every week, there is a team meeting between my global colleagues, administration, and I, where we connect in a virtual space that enables us to span our geographic borders. During these meetings, there is a collective energy of striving for excellence in regard to spreading SikhNet’s mission to the global Sangat. Each team member brings in the expertise of their department, so there is accountability, yet a very healthy and supportive work environment. So, I am still learning from this organization.

What does the area of fundraising mean to you? How do you see your role as it contributes to SikhNet and how this contributes to the world in general? Working in a fundraising department, my personal understanding of “fundraising” is the act and strategy of raising funds.  As we all know now, everything in this world is energy—even money—which has been proved by science. I value fundraising campaigns, seeing them as a way to connect with others who are passionate about and driven by a common cause: to serve the highest good for all. All ideas need funding to become a reality. In my MGO role at SikhNet, I am comfortable doing fundraising events for SikhNet. Learning and growing in this role, it is imperative for me to know the motivation behind donating money to SikhNet. This understanding allows me to go deeper into our organization, and look at our services to learn how we can support our shared vision for the global Sangat.    

Can you describe an average day, task, or process for SikhNet? My week starts with connecting with the SikhNet team members each Monday through a Zoom call, which we start with Ardaas. Afterward, I work on my emails, weekly assignments, and research; utilize software training to further learn about and better understand the database; and, when needed, check in with my administration.  

What you like to do outside SikhNet, etc. I am very passionate about spreading Guru Nanak Sahib’s philosophy of Oneness to the world. Outside my professional life, I am currently enjoying my transition to a plant-based diet, and find happiness in cooking, singing, and dancing, as well as connecting to nature, meditating, and enjoying life’s precious moments by staying present. 

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