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The Contribution of Hindu Writers to Punjabi Literature 

in Jammu and Kashmir

The language of undivided Punjab, which stretches from Kabul to Delhi, is Punjabi. Due to the partition of 1947, Punjab was also divided into two parts, East Punjab and West Punjab. From time to time its boundaries shrank further. Punjabi also has many dialects like Majhi, Lahindi, Pothohari, Malwai, Doabi etc. At present, the beginning of Punjabi literature is considered to be 1130 AD when Andharwan (Abdur Rahman), a resident of Multan, wrote his famous book of poetry 'Sanneh Rasya' in Punjabi vocabulary with ablatives. After that, the poet Mas'ud bin Bhar (died 1130 AD) the name comes. In the Mughal period, Punjabi has made a lot of progress. Similarly, during the Sikh rule, beautiful examples of common life values ​​are visible. Nowadays editing, translation, research etc. are doing commendable work in Punjabi. I have traced a number of Hindu writers,who enriched Punjabi literature in Jammu and Kashmir.

SANT DAS CHIBBER :Sant Das Chhibbar's birth/death dates are not available. Staying in Devi Angan, Srinagar, he completed his poetry book ' Sakhi Guru Nanak shah ki' ' in 1777 AD. Apart from these, the poet's other works which are mentioned are Amrit Sarovar Ustati and Majhan. It seems that Sant Das Chhibbar and Kesar Singh Chhibbar were brothers . 

SANT RAIN:Sant Rain was a Udasi Mahatma and great spiritual poet. Sant Rain was born to Pandit Hari Vallabh and Mata Savitri Devi in ​​1735 AD in Bhochal Wantipur, Srinagar (Kashmir). The books he published in Punjabi include Sri Guru Nanak Dig Vijaya, Manbodh,Siri Guru Nanak Bodh, Udasin Bodh,Amrit Bachan, Majha and Kafi collections. He died in 1872 AD in the village Bhudan of Malerkotla (Punjab). The fourth gadi of Dera Bhudan, Nashin Baba Muktaram, has published a book 'Sri Santrenu Granthawali' based on manuscripts and old letters from 'Sri Santrenu Ashram'. Among his other works that have been marked are Gur Mahima, Anbhai Amrit, Kaya Atm, Rakte, Dohre Sadh Reet Ke, Jhalne, Politik, Dohre.

BABA SIDDHANATH:Baba Siddha Nath was born on May 1, 1728 in village Jhalas, Haveli (Poonch). He was the fourth gadidar of Biram Shahi's line of saints. He used to write spiritual poetry. He died in 1798 AD. 

RAM DHAN :He has published about four dozen books in Punjabi notable among them are Puran Bhagat, Gopi Chand, Sifat Seharfi Jammu Sher, Sifat Kashmir, Devi da Mahatam, Baramahan, Mast Ram Sohi, Ramiaan, Barahmahan Dhana Bhagat, B Thaker ji ka, B kameshvar Swami, B Kabir Bhagat ka, B Maha Shanker, B Sohni Mehiwal, Bahamahan Puran Bhagat etc. 

MAHATMA NIRANJAN DAS:   Mahatma   Niranjan Das was born on 1849 AD in Jammu. Received his primary education from Jammu and Akalgarh. After doing small jobs, he became a clerk in an English firm in 1878. He also remained a teacher in Ranbir High School, Jammu for some years. After learning Gurmukhi, he became a good devotee singer and also started doing kirtan. He also used to perform kirtan in Shalimar at the house of Sr. Ladha Singh. Gurdwara Mahatma Niranjan Das is present at the same place. Mahatma's Punjabi Poems, Siharfian, Kafian, Tehit etc, have been preserved in manuscripts. This poet died in 1914 at Jammu. 

TARA CHAND GOSAIN;Tara Chand Gosain Punjabi poet was born in Baddoki Gosain (Gujran Wala) but came to Jammu at the age of five. He died in 1940 AD in Jammu. The only Punjabi book 'Javaharat Da Dher' has been published in Shahmukhi. He used to write Punjabi characters etc. Many poems have also been recorded under the title 'Ibtadai Tabu Azmai'. 

DAS MALL:Das Mall  was born in Bhera (Rawalpindi). They are also remembered as Thakardas(Contractors) by the people . He used to come to Jammu in his youth and owned a shop at Moti Bazaar (Jammu). In 1909, he left Jammu and went to Udhampur. Later he again came to Jammu. He was a born poet of Punjabi and wrote poetry on every subject. Among his unpublished works are Roop Basant, Dhanna Jat, Narsi Bhagat, Pandu Jatti and Bankers, Krishna Janam and Sita Banwas etc. This poet died in Jammu in 1940 .

OM  PRAKASH SHARMA SARTHI: O P Sharma Sarthi was born on 1 April 1933 in the house of Mansa Ram in Jammu. For many years, the Technical Officer of Art was stationed at the Regional Research Laboratory, Canal Road, Jammu. He was not married. Published two books in Punjabi;  Ban Parian de Dharti (1984) and Ran kheter (1984). Apart from this, he published fourteen books in Urdu, Hindi and Dogri. He had won prizes from the Jammu and Kashmir Academy.He also got Sahitya Akademi Award on dogri novel. He passed away a few years ago.

KEVAL KRISHAN SHAKAR:Keval Krishna  was born in the family of Jagat Nath Sharma on 11 November 1936 at RS Pura (Jammu). Education up to MA (History,  Science, Urdu), B.Ed. He has retired as a Senior Lecturer from the Education Department.  Among the Punjabi books that have been published are Prachhawan (1974), Dharti De Geet (1985), Janjeeran (1986) etc. Three books have also been published in Urdu and Dogri. He has also received many honors and is a member of many literary organizations. Received 'Vadiya Teacher Award' (1990) from Delhi.

SAPAN MALA: Mrs. Sapan Mala was born on 1st April 1927. After receiving primary school education, he started writing poems in Punjabi. Published several collections of Punjabi poetry: Bataan Paode Raat (1960), Supanyan Di Maala (1961), Taurean Bharre Hungry (1965), Ambar Chup Rahe (1967), Harhey Dharti de, Diwan - i-Ghalib (Tr). She also received the Jammu Kashmir Academy Award. She expired on 22 February 1978.

DES RAJ DANISH:Des Raj was born on 5th January 1935 in village Kuta, Hiranagar, Kathua . He settled at Amritsar, where he participated in poetic symposiums . Later he came back to Jammu and recited his Punjabi Poems from Radio Station Jammu. He published his poetry book Trangian in 1965. He got the JKAACL Award in 1965.

MAKHAN LAL NEER KASHMIRI:He was born in 1938 in a kashmiri Brahman Sapru family. He usually recited Punjabi poems during special Gurpurab days. He had published two booklets Gurpurab Geet and Neer Tranghan. 

VISHVA NATH DIL:Vishwa Nath was born on 4 March 1941 to father Dunichand and mother Raj Kumari in Helana Dharamshal (Pulandhri, Poonch). He was M.Sc., LLB, B.Ed. He remained  President of Punjabi Sahitya Sabha, Ranbir Singh Pura for 13 years. His Punjabi poems continue to be published but have not yet become Sahib-e-Kitab. 

Dr. SUSHIL SHARMA :Sushil was born 14th February 1956 in the family of R D Sharma in Gurdaspur, Punjab but remained lecturer Punjabi in Distance Education department Jammu University.Basically he is a dramatist . He has published a number of books in Punjabi viz:Lok Geetan vich Samajak Jiwan, Mata Vishnu Devi, Sulakhan Bol Uthian, Puwara Sweater da, Eh Lok, Ghar da Bheti, Vitkarian dian Lakiran, Vada Din, Banda te hor Ikangi, Vand di Rekha etc.He also got the JKAACL Award 2012 and Best Script Award 1991.

DR. JATINDER UDHAMPURI: Dr Jatinder Udhampuri was born to mother Krishna Devi and father Jagannath Gupta on 9 November 1944 in Udhampur. He got an MA (History, Hindi, Urdu), M.Ed and PhD (Dogri).  After rendering 30 years of meritorious service in the field of Broadcasting, he retired as Dy. Director General in 2004, All India Radio. Dr. Udhampuri has worked ceaselessly over 50 years for the enrichment of Dogri, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi Literature. He is the author of 40 books. He has written about fifty books in Dogri Hindi etc. A Punjabi book has been published entitled 'Dil Hoya Darvesh' (2004). He got Sahitya Akademi Award 1981,Sahitya Akademi Translation Award 2011,JKAACL Award, Padam Shree Award. 

DR. BALDEV RAJ GUPTA:He was born in Punjab but served as Prof and HOD Punjabi, Jammu University. He was a well-known linguistic. He has Published a number of books in Punjabi namely: Punjabi Education,  Language of Sheikh Farid,  Linguistics: Diverse Fields, Punjabi Sub Linguistics, Structure of Punjabi Language, Indian Linguistics, Linguistics—Linguistics,  Linguistics, Language, Script and Folklore,  Punjabi Tamil Phonology, Punjabi Literature: Linguistic Thought etc. 

DR. ASHA GUPTA :Dr Asha Gupta was born on 1 October 1946 to Satya Dev and Koshalya Rani in Kalanaur (Gurdaspur). Her husband's name is Dr. Baldev Raj Gupta. Dr Asha got MA (Punjabi), M.Phil, Ph.D. Books like 'Baba Farid and Bulleh Shah (1996), Lok Sahit, Mata's Betian etc. have been published in Punjabi.

RISHI KUMARI NAAD:She was born in Jammu and is a short story writer. She had  published a Punjabi short story book Peeran in 1969.Not much information has been available about her. 

PROF. NARHARI RAIZADA:He was born in Jammu. He served in different government colleges. He was extremely associated with Punjabi literature. He published Pinjara drama book in Punjabi. 

CHAND DEEPIKA: Chand Deepika  was born to father Ram lal Gupta and mother Prakash Devi. Her place of birth is Kotli (Mirpur). Education obtained up to MA (P. Science), B.Ed, M.Ed,SI. Currently working as a Research Officer . A book of Punjabi stories 'Mera Ghar Kithe ha? (2009) has been published.

AYODHYA RANI GAMUKHAR: Ayodhya Rani was born in Jammu to father Pandit Amar Nath Sharma and mother Meri Devi on 22 February 1950. Her husband's name is Shakti Sharma. He studied FA. Prabhakar, obtained up to BEC Home Science. Apart from Punjabi poetry, she also writes poetry in Dogri, Hindi and Urdu. She could not be a Sahibe-kitab.

SATISH VIMAL:Satish Vimal was born in 1966 , village Buchoo, Tral. He is familiar with Literature & Broadcasting. He got many awards and honours including Vijay Saman, Prithvi Putri Award, Saraswati Arora Award, Shair-e-Watan Award, Qaumi RajBhasha Award etc. He published more than a dozen books in different languages.His Punjabi poetry book is under publication. 

As well as the above mentioned literary gems, there are many untraced Punjabi writers,which could be traced in  near future. These are Tilak,  Nihala, Kirpa Ram Mahajan,  Lala Arjan Das Anand, Sham Lal ,Bakshi Ishar Das Chhibbar , Mathra Das Mohan , Chaudhry Dina Nath Rafiq , Dittu, Pandit Ganga Ram, Gulab Rai, Visant Rai, Kirpa Ram Mahajan, Lala Arjan Das Anand, Sham Lal Diwana , Bakshi Isher Das Chibber (Bantan), Chuju Ram Jogi, Mathra Das Mohan , Chuni Lal Kamla , Vije Suman Susan , Lala Lubia Ram Dilshad, Hardit Shastri, Chuni Lal Kamla, Durga Das, Nir Singh Das, Lala Sansar Chand, Barkat Ram, Bhai Sita Ram, Ram Chand, Shiv nath, Dr Sansar Chand, Satpal Anand etc. 


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