Chicago Sikhs Serve Christmas Lunch at Salvation Army

The community has been providing cooked lunches to the Salvation Army every Saturday since the pandemic began.

Chicago: Despite the ongoing pandemic, in the Sikh spirit of “Langar” the Sikh youth of Chicago area, under the auspices of Sikh Religious Society of Chicago, served food to the needy families on Christmas day December 25, 2020 at the Salvation Army Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Salvation Army takes donations and provides basic human needs of food and shelter to the needy.

Food was packed and distributed by the Sikh volunteers to the families and individuals, who came to the Salvation Army needing help.

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In addition to the traditional Christmas lunch, cookies, bagels, cakes and toys for the kids were also distributed to those who needed to take home. Due to pandemic and social distancing, it was not a usual sit down meal but only to take home.  

Even though it’s a Christian celebration, people of many faiths contribute money and volunteer time for this event to help the homeless and the needy families enabling them to celebrate Christmas. Sikh Community of Chicago has been actively associated with this service since 1992.

A.D. Singh Chawla, his family and friends donated a skid load of canned food and essential items both during the Thanksgiving Day, and also on this Christmas day.

The coordinator Sarwan Singh said, “As Sikhs it gives us a lot of personal satisfaction and spiritual upliftment to share with and serve those who are going through tough times during Christmas.” Quoting the Sikh holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib he added that;

ਆਪੁ ਗਵਾਇ ਸੇਵਾ ਕਰੇ ਤਾ ਕਿਛੁ ਪਾਏ ਮਾਨੁ ॥

Aap gavaaye sevaa kare taa kichh paaye mann”    - - - - - - GGSJ Pg. 474 - 10

(One who lets go his self-conceit and performs selfless-service, only he shall be honored)

Serving is surrendering one’s ego and following Guru’s guidance.

Donating from your honest earnings is Sewa. Caring and sharing the poor and the needy.

(Wand Chhaknaa:  “Sharing” is one of the Three Golden Rules of Sikhism)

 ਨਾਨਕ ਅਗੈ ਸੋ ਮਿਲੈ ਜਿ ਖਟੇ ਘਾਲੇ ਦੇਇ ॥1॥

“Nanak agai so milai je khate ghaale deye”      - - - - - - - - -   GGSJ Pg. 472-8

Guru Nanak says, “You get in future the reward of charity given out of your earnings, earned by honest means.”

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Sikh Community members also opened up their hearts and wallets, made a collection and handed over $1201 to Captain Nathan Welch and Captain Jennifer Clanton of the Salvation Army center.

Major Nancy Powers of the Salvation Army thanked the members of Sikh Community for their contributions and said that the Salvation Army has over the years developed a very friendly relationship with the Sikh Community. The community has been providing cooked lunches to the Salvation Army every Saturday since the pandemic began.

Sikh Religious Society thanks all, who contributed their time and hard-earned money for this noble cause. May Waheguru bless all for their contribution.

Salvation Army also provides drug de-addiction, trains homeless for regular jobs and ultimately home ownership.

They are located at 825 Christiana Ave in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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