Book Release: Dream Big, Little Kaur by Sikhlens

Sikhlens announces release Brave Lion Books' third book, Dream Big, Little Kaur

Sikhlens is excited to announce that we are ready to release Brave Lion Books' third book, Dream Big, Little Kaur. This children’s book, sponsored by Sikhlens, highlights important Sikh women from our history in an innovative kid-friendly manner.

The project was born from a desire to have female Sikh role models for our daughters. We want them to grow up with stories of strong yet humble Sikh women who were not only great daughters, wives, mothers, or grandmothers but were also wise and brave leaders with unmatched humility and love for the Guru.

We hope you will support our efforts for this book by also becoming a sponsor. The total costs for this project were $13,000 and we are looking for families to sponsor $300 each. This would be amazing as we really need books like these.

The first 50 families who sponsor the book with $300 will receive 30 copies of the book.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made via any of the following methods:

  • PayPal - Click here
  • Dasvandh Network - Click here
  • Sending a check payable to Nanak Prachar Sabha with Dream Big Little Kaur in the memo line to:

Nanak Prachar Sabha
5175 Princess Anne Rd.
La Cañada, CA 91011


Brave Lion Books has previously published 2 children’s books that can be seen below:

Ajeet Singh The Invincible Lion

Be Brave My Love

Thanks in advance for supporting giving our children gurmat inspired literature and please check out the website at

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