Bhai Jagraj Singh ~ A Poetic Tribute

To Help and Support the family of Bhai Jagraj Singh - who recently lost his battle with cancer

BhaiJagraj2 (157K)Guru's Soldier with a saintly vision,
Adopted preaching as a mission,
Became a visible media icon.
Loved Gurbani, Simran and Meditation.

Passed away fighting cancer
Wanted the Panth to prosper

Spoke Russian, Chinese, Punjabi, English,
American English & Hindi

Detached from greed,
Sevadar of the Panth indeed.
Shared a vision of a stronger Panth
In the light of Universal Guru Granth.

Without caste, subgroups of human divisions.
Free from all from man made prisons.

Highlighted the propaganda of the colonial policy.
Restoration of Respect for granthis.
Stop Gurdwara Voting and fights.
Share the Gurus Love for human rights.
Wanted propagation of the Naam.
Partook in daily calls to "Waheguru" SatNam.

B-J (55K)Reminded us that a Khalsa is Saint and a soldier
for the humanity
Must live as such with Equanimity.
We are doing the Opposite of what Guru sahibs
wanted or did
Our bar for being a Sikh is placid.

Inspired many the love Bani
Experienced Simran and Sadhsangat
Joined the sangat as an equal in pangat

Met Gurmukhs
Challenged munmukhs
Took the debate to the fanatics
Asked who will be the judge of their web
of dogmatic phonetics

Used the Tradition of Gurbani Dhaarnaa1
With Guru on our side there is No Haarnaa2
Used the Language of the living locals
Urged the young to live as good humans,
Sikh use their vocals

Created charities to continue Basics of Sikhi
Married a Russian lady, a teacher of Gurmukhi

Dreamt a universal visitor center
Outside golden temple Amritsar
Offering assistance in all languages of the world.
Outside from the glitter of the Gold.
Offering the message of the One Universal Love,
service, and humans as One

Offering the experience of Kirtan, Calling on Waheguru
as a meditation or Simran.

He travelled with the message of 'Everything is Yours'
Just like Guru Nanak did after he said 13, 13, 13
Everything is 13

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