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It was 1972 that I began my journey of becoming Khalsa. Few things are more important to me, than remaining mindful of the profound blessings God and Guru have afforded me in this life. I'm grateful for many things, and by my good fortune I continue to recognize it is only by His kindness that we live with grace and flourish in our lives.
Many years ago now, I began to train as the 10th Master Guru Gobind Singh urged - as a Saint-Soldier, a model of goodness and a protector of the weak and innocent. Through Kundalini Yoga, Naam Simran, and years of martial arts training I'm fortunate to walk tall no matter where I travel in the world. I adopted the distinctive garb of a Sikh and a Singh early during this journey, and with the guidance of my teacher, Yogi Harbhajan Singh began to dress in white colored clothing - a self-therapy to instill in me the importance of manifesting and maintaining purity, piety and innocence. 'There is no lasting happiness without discipline' my mentor shared. So a daily early morning practice of bani, yoga and Naam Simran is essential to me, so I'm better ’attuned and ready' for whatever the Creator might send to me on any given day. 

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This training and routine helps me to be largely a smiling presence. I believe through our smiles we can make someone's day! Many are not so fortunate to honor life's sacredness. Through bowing our heads to God and Guru and through serving others, the One smiles on us and blesses us with peace, tranquility and true prosperity. I only learned about the privilege of serving others through coming to Sikhi! Now as I teach yoga and Naam Simran worldwide, I emphasize the essential nature of selfless service in our lives. Why should the One who rotates the earth and takes care of our routines, bless us with ease and abundance, if we do not treat others as we would wish to be treated, with warmth and sincerity?
Another reason why it is important for us to develop those activities that will provide us balance, intuition and sensitivity - is that the tumultuous world we live in needs us to bring tolerance, grace and courage into who we are, for all whom we meet and in every situation where we find ourselves. Then we are better examples of and for the Khalsa!
Baisakhi is about new beginnings! What are you willing to commit to embrace that will allow you to shine more brightly for yourself and others? What can you add to (or subtract from) your life, that will help you to be a happier, less stressed and more fulfilled person? Learning to play kirtan? Prioritizing your Banis being read daily? Minimizing sweets or fatty foods in your diet? Getting regular exercise? Trying some Kundalini yoga and Naam Simran ?  Embracing a system of martial arts training? (I believe the most critical element around martial arts training, is the teacher. They must exhibit respect for the students, and students must show the same respect back to the teacher - otherwise you want nothing to do with that school. The technique of martial art you embrace is secondary. To be an effective soldier you must undertake training - and it serves well to be a humble and prayerful person).
My late teacher wrote me a letter many years ago and suggested ‘I use my artistic gifts, to make things that uplift and inspire people'. He afforded me the distinct privilege and blessing, to design, craft and orchestrate the production of a very special sword that was presented during the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of the Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib India. See the entire story of its making and many pictures here as well as details of the sword here.
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We have been working for over 40 years now at Khalsa Raj offering unique and inspired designs. We call our Artisan Kirpans ’The World's Finest Kirpans' and ship them worldwide as well as offer them through a network of resellers . We are offering full-sized affordable swords that we believe will be the among the best the Khalsa has ever seen, handled and owned here ( 
Sat Naam and Blessings to All.

Singh Sahib Jot Singh Khalsa,
Millis, MA USA

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